Reflecting on the innovation 2022 brought us – ktMINE

2022 was a great year. The team focused on evolving the product lineup and engaging with our customers to learn more about the daily challenges they face and how we can address those challenges by enhancing our current offerings.

This type of customer engagement is a core tenet at ktMINE and we thrive on feedback from our users. Through these exercises, just last year we were able to add a whole new suite of features to our Patent Search capabilities within the Search App.

At the core, when performing a search of any kind whether it’s for licensing, M&A, due diligence, competitive intelligence, or general patent research, getting to a set of comparable results and analytics as efficiently as possible is crucial. This begins with being able to search the largest repository of patent data in the world, which ktMINE is proud to provide. Next up is being able to manipulate the search criteria and narrow it down to the best results – the enormous amount of filtering capabilities within our product solves this. Finally, being able to sift through the results as quickly as possible saves a significant amount of time. With our multiple view options for analyzing the results of a patent, such as the full-text and patent concepts view, users can narrow into the areas of the spec that are most relevant and important to their search. These features also allow users to export the critical components highlighted to be included in their deliverables.

With the vast amount of patent data available within our Search App, we introduced new subscription tiers to align with the needs of our diverse customer base. This enables us to offer a rightsized subscription to any organization looking to leverage a Patent Search application in their daily work.

Last year on the Data Services side, we integrated patent prosecution and examination data into our API. This addition now allows companies that need instant access to patent data to use it internally or within their own product set. More recently, we launched our Patent Images API which houses more than 625 million patent images from worldwide sources. The data services and API offering is designed to meet technology and business requirements without the costs associated with standing up the infrastructure, storage, development, and integration required through other patent data providers.

In 2023, we are excited to add collaborative features to our Search App. These new features will allow teams with members across different disciplines to work together within a familiar environment – ultimately eliminating the need to go from SaaS platform to SaaS platform to complete their work.

We will be attending several events this year, kicking it off with the AUTM Annual Meeting in Austin next month. We look forward to seeing many of you in person this year and continue to innovate and provide our users with the best IP transactions data and analytics platform.