Ryan Hoggatt: MCAA’s MEP Innovator of the Year Is Leading Innovation in Construction – MCAA

Ryan Hoggatt: MCAA's MEP Innovator of the Year Is Leading Innovation in Construction - MCAA

MCAA congratulates Ryan Hoggatt, UMC, Inc.’s Director of Manufacturing, on being our MEP Innovator of the Year. The award recognizes his outstanding contributions to the construction industry in the areas of efficiency, productivity, and innovation. His efforts have improved UMC, Inc.’s operations and encouraged others to adopt innovative practices. Hoggatt plays a crucial role at UMC, Inc., overseeing areas such as corporate manufacturing, virtual construction, construction technology adoption, prefabrication, and modular construction. His work focuses on making processes more straightforward and efficient, cutting waste, and ensuring high standards of quality and safety. Beyond his work at UMC, Inc., Hoggatt is known for sharing his insights on innovation with the wider construction community. This commitment to innovation was on display at the 2024 MEP Innovation Conference. During the Dear Software Vendor session, Hoggart and co-presenters Darren Young of UMC and Mark Lotspeich from Dynaletric, shared the contractor perspective on integrating new software tools with both contractors and industry developers. Looking forward, Hoggatt advocates for collaboration, embracing change, and continuous improvement in the construction industry. His approach serves as an inspiration for future innovation, aiming to make the industry more sustainable and successful. MCAA congratulates Hoggatt on the award and thanks him for sharing his knowledge with us. Articles