Safa Muhammad: Redefining Modeling and Casting with Innovation and Inclusivity – One West Magazine

Safa Muhammad: Redefining Modeling and Casting with Innovation and Inclusivity - One West Magazine

Safa Muhammad, a prominent figure in the modeling and casting industry, is setting new standards with her innovative approach to talent management and casting. As the visionary behind Achieve Management and Yasmines Models, Muhammad has been pivotal in cultivating an environment of inclusivity and professionalism. With a discerning eye for talent, Muhammad seeks models who epitomize versatility, reliability, and professionalism. “I prioritize diversity and inclusivity, seeking models of all backgrounds, sizes, and abilities,” affirms Muhammad. Her dedication to uplifting narratives within the fashion industry shines through her emphasis on gigs that promote positive messages and values. Muhammad’s journey into the industry began with a passion for fashion and the arts. Starting from scratch at the age of 17, she founded Yasmines Models, a public casting agency that quickly gained recognition. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Muhammad persevered, turning her passion into a thriving business. At the core of Achieve Management and Yasmines Models is Muhammad’s commitment to growth, expansion, and maintaining quality and diversity. “My agency aims to empower models to achieve their goals, regardless of societal standards,” she explains. Muhammad envisions her agency as a platform for change, challenging norms and advocating for inclusivity and acceptance. Recent announcements underscore Muhammad’s success in nurturing talent and forging partnerships. Casandra Atangana’s signing with Unite Unite Modeling Agency and Billy Luckett’s signing with State Management are testament to Muhammad’s ability to propel careers. Furthermore, Ben Hall’s feature in WWD for the Tarpley Fashion Show during NYFW exemplifies her models’ success on the global stage. Muhammad’s commitment to environmental causes is evident in her participation in Impact NYFW, where her models will showcase eco-friendly designer outfits. Additionally, her recent photoshoot featuring the innovative designs of No Sense Brand underscores her dedication to promoting emerging talent and pushing boundaries. As Muhammad continues to shape the industry with her visionary leadership, the future holds even more groundbreaking initiatives and collaborations. With Achieve Management and Yasmines Models at the helm, the modeling and casting industry is set for a transformative journey towards inclusivity, diversity, and excellence. For more information and updates, please visit: Instagram: Achieve Management Personal Instagram: Safa’s World Yasmines Models Instagram: Yasmines Models Casting