Safety Game Focuses on Safety Culture and Human Behaviour

SafeTalk gameSafeTalk game

< img width= "300"height="150"src =" "alt=" SafeTalk video game"style=" screen: block; margin-bottom: 5px; clear: both; max-width: 100 %;"link_thumbnail=""> A new safety video game targeted at security leaders, HSE professionals and employees has

been launched– combining years of HSE practice and experiences with aspects from Safety II, Safety In a different way, and behavioural style. The makers of SAFETALK say all offices can benefit from the video game, which is created to operate in any environment or industry

where people work together and work together. Why a security video game? Lots of sectors have actually minimized accidents substantially throughout the years by focusing on technical solutions and developing systems. Nevertheless, regardless of legislation, security management systems, and a commitment from both management and employees, some work environments have actually experienced a mishap curve that has flattened.

Many business no longer feel that it is possible to do a lot more to produce a more secure office with the tools they have. It is as if safety leaders and HSE departments do more of the same without improving.

The intent with a safety game is to produce a brand-new context in which people can discuss the unmentioned norms that characterise any work environment, in addition to try and explain why individuals do what they do, the method they do it.

“It can be thought about as a gap analysis of how the work is in fact done– and the way you may think the work is done. The shadowland in between systems, treatments, KPI’s, rules and the method you see the work being done on a regular day,” the developers say.

“SAFETALK works in creating new energy in the safety conversations in the goal to bring the mishap curve even further down. Focus on individuals who lead, and the individuals who do their work, understand their intents, their terms, and their chances for action.”

“Safety will always be a typical concern and something you produce in unison and more than what is sentenced to a piece of paper, a declaration of intent, or in a management system.”

The designers think that people handling their own work know the difficulties they face and have ideas about how to fix them– both supervisors and employees.

“This is where SAFETALK is perfect, because it is those facing challenges and successes, who begin dialogues about the great and the bad.”

“Throughout the years, there has been a paradigm shift in the method leaders along with workers, team up and discover. With regard for danger assessments, safety rounds, security meetings, KPI’s and e-learning programs, it has been the developer’s experience that these techniques require to be supplemented with procedures that contribute to providing effect to partnership, ownership, motivation and dedication.”

The security game includes 90 scenarios individuals must speak about. Here’s some examples:

    • It’s easy to notify the instant supervisor of problem.
    • There is a big difference in the way staff members perform their work, and the method which their instant supervisor thinks the work is being done.
    • There are so many different business working here that it’s often hard to find out which guidelines use.
    • The method some of the workplaces are designed suggests that we need to deal with risks on a day-to-day basis.
    • There is an acceptance of human mistakes here– as long as we learn from them.
    • It is hard to make heads or tails of the terminology when reporting an incident.
    • We keep peaceful about small injuries for worry of destroying good mishap stats.
    • Needs to somebody break a rule, we are curious about the intent behind it.
    • We speak about what goes well at work in order to do more of this.
    • Our instant managers spend time comprehending how we work and why we do things the method we do.

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