Seamless Africa 2023: A Remarkable Journey of Collaboration, Innovation, and Exploration

In a momentous leap forward in the realm of cybersecurity, Risk Associates Bahrain takes immense pride in announcing the PCI 3DS compliance certification awarded to Global Payment Services – GPS. This milestone not only underscores GPS’ unwavering commitment to data security but also positions them as a pioneering force in ensuring secure financial transactions in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Mr. Ali Arab, General Manager at Global Payment Services – GPS, stated: “We are delighted to collaborate with Risk Associates for our annual PCI 3DS compliance certification. Our relentless efforts in safeguarding clients’ data and upholding confidentiality demonstrate GPS’s commitment to maintaining a robust information and cybersecurity program. We ensure that our information security infrastructure aligns with the latest requirements of Information Security Standards.” The PCI 3DS compliance certification serves as a testament to GPS’ proactive approach to cybersecurity, reflecting their dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. This accomplishment places GPS ahead of competitors, assuring clients of the highest standards of security in financial transactions. Mr. Redha Radhi, General Manager at Risk Associates Bahrain, extended his congratulations to GPS: ” Achieving PCI 3DS compliance is a testament to GPS’ dedication to securing financial transactions in today’s dynamic digital landscape.” The PCI 3DS compliance certification signifies GPS’ adherence to the latest industry protocols mandated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, reinforcing their pledge to provide a secure environment for financial transactions.