Siemens Government Technologies’ John Ustica Wins 2nd Wash100 Award for Championing Energy Resilience, Digital Twin Innovation – ExecutiveBiz

Siemens Government Technologies' John Ustica Wins 2nd Wash100 Award for Championing Energy Resilience, Digital Twin Innovation - ExecutiveBiz

John Ustica, president and CEO of Siemens Government Technologies, has been included for the second time in Executive Mosaic’s Wash100 Award recognizing government contracting change-makers for 2024. Vote for Ustica as one of your favorite 2024 Wash100 awardees at . This year’s popular vote competition runs through April 30, so cast your 10 votes now! “I’m honored to be named a Wash100 Award recipient for the second consecutive year, and humbled to join such an accomplished group of industry and government professionals focused on critical work of national consequence,” said Ustica. “At SGT, I’m fortunate to have a devoted team working tirelessly on a dynamic portfolio spanning infrastructure modernization, to advanced digital automation and optimization, where we are combining the real and digital worlds for our customers every day. It’s an incredibly exciting time for our team and our customers, and I can’t wait to see the challenges we’ll overcome together this year and beyond!” Jim Garrettson, CEO of Executive Mosaic and creator of the Wash100 Award, emphasized, “With more than two decades of senior leadership experience at Siemens, John has the deep understanding of the company and the commitment to its customers that will propel SGT through continued innovation and growth.” “John leads SGT with deep technological and business expertise during an era in which digital engineering, energy, microelectronics, digital twin technology and automation are more consequential to government missions than ever. We look forward to seeing how John’s vision and leadership continue to shape SGT and the broader GovCon landscape, and we’re proud to name him as a Wash100 winner for the second year in a row,” added Garrettson. Ustica made resilient energy infrastructures as one of SGT’s commitments to federal customers. “Up until the last few years, energy resiliency meant having a backup generator probably like some of us do at our house — in the event the power goes out, we turn the generator on. That’s not a great long-term solution, and it’s also very poor for the environment and not very efficient,” Ustica stated in an interview with Executive Mosaic in February 2023. “As we move towards EVs and we move towards having more things being electrified, we also have to then update and improve our energy infrastructure.” In the past 12 months, Ustica’s leadership led to SGT becoming a partner of the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay for a $368.8 million project to complete a liquefied natural gas power plant at the military base. The facility is expected to save the service branch $10 million and offset more than 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. “Given its remote and isolated location at NS Guantanamo Bay, it was imperative that we select the right plan of action with the right industry partner in Siemens Government Technologies the first time around for this historic project,” Capt. Miguel Dieguez, commanding officer of NAVFAC Southeast, said in praise of SGT. The Siemens subsidiary also won a $24.8 million contract to carry out energy efficiency projects at the U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach in Germany. “We are proud of our continued work for the Army in Europe and look forward to additional opportunities to help them meet energy and climate goals well into the future,” Ustica remarked. A champion of digital twin technology, Ustica highlighted SGT’s innovation to combine the power of physical and digital tools to meet the production cycle needs of the public sector. In another exclusive interview with Executive Mosaic, he stressed that integrating software and digital twins can boost organizational cost effectiveness. “Companies now are thinking that we’ve got to sharpen the pencils in terms of how we get the most for our dollar,” according to him. He explained that a digital twin can serve as an acceleration tool for business modeling, with the advantage of not putting physical assets at risk. He also elaborated on digital twins’ potential to reform DOD’s warfighting capabilities. The technology allows users to “accelerate, model and put data in that model to see what will happen,” he said in an interview with ExecutiveBiz prior to the Digital Twins Forum in November. “There are so many things that are untapped in digital twins and in this digital transformation for the federal government.” As the Biden administration realizes its vision to revive domestic semiconductor manufacturing, SGT continues to refine its capabilities, especially digital twins, to support microelectronics fabrication. Foreign dependence on semiconductors has reflected “how big of an impact microelectronics can have on the entire infrastructure and the entire manufacturing ecosystem,” Ustica commented. “I think that’s a place where things are rapidly transforming, and it’s a place where we think we can really help our customers…Microelectronics is going to be a place that we continue to grow at Siemens.” He noted SGT’s Electronic Design Automation and digital twin capabilities as effective tools to advance chip production for domestic companies. John Ustica and Siemens Government Technologies are bound to make more contributions to government contracting. Executive Mosaic is excited to award the 2024 Wash100 to Ustica, as we look forward to more cutting-edge innovations from his organization. Don’t forget to vote for Ustica as one of your esteemed GovCon industry leaders at .