Successful completion of 2022 UNIST AI Innovation Day!

An event, highlighting the key accomplishments of UNIST AI Innovation Park and the collaboration between industry and academia, was completed successfully.

Dubbed as ‘UNIST AI Innovation Day,‘ it took place in the Kyungdong Hall of Main Administration Building of UNIST from December 7 to 8, 2022. The purpose of this event is to share the results of efforts to innovate industries in the southeastern region through artificial intelligence (AI) over the past two years and revitalize industry-academic cooperation.

The UNIST AI Innovation Park was launched in January 2021 with the purpose of creating AI hub in the southeastern region. It has been promoting AI-related projects, such as training AI experts for industry, carrying out industry-university joint research projects, providing support for AI startups and AI study groups, as well as developing new AI courses.

In addition, through the AI Novatus Academia, industrial engineers in the southeast region of Korea are being trained as AI experts. Over the past two years, it has produced over 120 graduates within the Ulsan region. As a result, 67 local companies in Ulsan were able to train AI experts for industry, and achieve a great deal in solving problems in the industrial fields through the implementation of AI projects in the curriculum. This year, they expanded the same curriculum in the South Gyeongsang Province and cultivated 42 AI experts from 34 companies in the region, including Changwon City.

There have been considerable achievements of industrial-academia research collaboration in various fields of AI, which includes autonomous driving, quality inspection, process optimization, wearables, semiconductors, and vehicle stability. UNIST professors and local companies in the field of AI have sought to improve industrial competitiveness through related research.

A total of 16 companies have moved into the AI Innovation Park, all specializing in AI. Seven tenant companies, including InterX Corp., Wedit Co. Ltd., Han-Mech Controls Co., Ltd., and 3D Factory Co., Ltd. showcased their competitive advantages by introducing their business models and technologies at the event. With the help of AI Innovation Park’s cutting-edge, AI-based technologies and facilities, these companies have been carrying out joint research projects, together with UNIST researchers.

Various other topics in AI research, such as astronomy research, robotics, nuclear power generation, new drug development, financial market forecasting, mobility, and advanced materials were also introduced at the event. Along with topic-based research presentations of research topics, there has been the introduction of a prototype by companies reside in the AI Innovation Park. Students also presented their group works with the use of activity-based posters.

Meanwhile, the event has been attended by more than 100 participants, including corporate representatives, experts, and professors and students from Ulsan and the southeastern region.