Technology and innovation to drive growth – Spotzer Digital

Technology and innovation to drive growth - Spotzer Digital

Over the years, we’ve evolved from a single-product business to offering a full suite of digital solutions and services at scale. This includes websites, digital marketing products, Sales-as-a-service, and more. This year, we launched our social media products in Europe and Australia with key partners. We also partnered with Yext and have launched business solutions for mid-tier and premium tiers. Additionally, our global revenue continues to grow significantly. A key driver of this is our Sales-as-a-service solution. Sales as a Service is our proprietary white-labeled solution where we sell digital products on behalf of our partners. We launched this in 2021 to help our partners increase their revenue without growing staff, manage commissions, and go through the effort of training their workforce. These include proprietary Spotzer Digital products such as websites and digital marketing as well as third-party products offered by our partners. Besides product development and sales, we’ve made substantial investments in the last 18 months toward developing innovative automation-driven enhancements for our customer onboarding experience and production processes. This now includes customer data enrichment, robust multi-product delivery, and process enhancements. Our integrated approach enables our customer agents to engage in meaningful conversations spanning multiple products during a single call. Serving as the backbone of our operations, our proprietary workflows, which drive our customer journeys, have undergone further enhancements. These enhancements support a single point of contact for onboarding as well as a single approval call with the customer. This streamlined process offers customers the convenience of discussing their digital strategy with a single consultant, thereby reducing friction across the entire experience. We are building a business for the future that helps its partners deliver meaningful digital solutions to their customers that grow revenue and improve margins. Our multi-product delivery journey extends into the new year with our roadmap incorporating features designed to foster customer satisfaction and retention. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about what we’re building and get a demo of our solution.