Technology: Dentsu Creative’s latest innovation makes roads in Mumbai safer during monsoons

MUMBAI, INDIA — The city of Mumbai in India suffers from chronic waterlogging year after year, with the insufficient drainage system as the main reason for the floods. Waterlogging reduces the visibility of open manholes which becomes instantly fatal for pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Dentsu Creative’s latest innovation “The Responsible Manhole” is a road safety initiative in partnership with the Brihanmumbai Corporation (BMC) and TVS Motor Company that addresses the critical issue of open manholes in the city. According to a survey, two-wheeler riders are the obvious victims of the submerged open manholes in the city. TVS Motor Company, one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheelers and three-wheelers globally wants to put rider safety at the forefront with this initiative.

This unique device is installed at multiple locations most prone to flooding. This warning device is installed beneath a manhole, connected to a specially designed app created for the BMC which receives real-time notifications along with the geolocation of the open manhole.

As it rains and the manhole cover is dislodged, the device automatically rises above the ground. Once activated, it alerts passersby with an LED blinker and buzzer. It also notifies the BMC via the app for prompt action.

Aniruddha Haldar, Senior Vice President, TVS Motor Company

Senior Vice President TVS Motor Company Aniruddha Haldar said, “TVS Motor Company has always endeavored to leverage technology to enhance road safety. This time round along with our partner Dentsu Creative we have focused on monsoon and the OPEN manhole. A simple but insightful use of connectivity and technology coupled with building support ecosystem with the administration proves to literally be a lifesaver! We have anchored this in the inception and will take it to other cities. TVS Motor Company remains committed to leveraging technology to make our roads safer!”

Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Innovation Officer, Dentsu Creative India

Dentsu Creative Chief Innovation Officer Gurbaksh Singh added, “The Responsible Manhole is a testament to how the right use of technology and data can aid the lives of countless people. Collaborating with the BMC and TVS Motor Company on this project was such an enriching experience. We’re glad to see that innovation is at the source of solving some of India’s biggest problems.”

In addition, the safety system will also keep an eye on the regular maintenance work and notify the concerned authorities if a manhole is left open above the standard maintenance time to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

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