Tesla Left in the Shadows: Vamsi Gaddam’s Groundbreaking ATUM Solar Innovation Takes Centre Stage – Saur Energy International

Tesla Left in the Shadows: Vamsi Gaddam's Groundbreaking ATUM Solar Innovation Takes Centre Stage - Saur Energy International

Tesla Left in the Shadows: Vamsi Gaddam’s Groundbreaking ATUM Solar Innovation Takes Centre Stage By Sponsored Feature/ Updated On Thu, Feb 29th, 2024 Visaka Industries JMD has incorporated sustainability in each one his company’s products. ATUM Solar is a shining example of green innovation done right. Vamsi Gaddam, the esteemed Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries, has propelled the company to the pinnacle of renewable energy innovation with his groundbreaking achievement of patenting ATUM, hailed as the world’s premier Integrated Solar Roof. Surpassing industry behemoths like Tesla, this pioneering invention marks a historic stride in renewable energy technology, firmly cementing Gaddam as a leader in sustainable technology. ATUM has revolutionized conventional solar technology by seamlessly integrating solar cells within a robust and weather-resistant structure. This patented breakthrough not only serves as a roof but also functions as a power generator, facilitating both on-grid and off-grid systems. With patents secured in India, the USA, and South Africa, ATUM underscores Visaka’s unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Vamsi has been meticulous in his research and innovation with ATUM. Its solar modules, housing monocrystalline solar cells within a specialized framework, outshine traditional panels by yielding up to 40% more power, delivering superior efficiency while ensuring insulation, durability, and a leak-proof design. This microcrack-free roof stands as an optimal choice for diverse climatic conditions, including regions susceptible to hurricanes and cyclones. In the realm of sustainable construction, Vamsi has made a substantial contribution through Vnext by Visaka, an eco-friendly alternative to plywood and gypsum, touted as the lowest CO2 emitting product in the entire building material industry. By amalgamating innovative design with renewable energy generation, this collaboration has heralded a revolutionary paradigm in building sustainability. ATUM’s integrated roof system not only offers protective coverage but also generates solar power, mitigating reliance on conventional energy sources. Vnext’s steadfast commitment to eco-conscious building materials further fortifies this endeavour, creating a holistic solution for environmentally responsible construction. Together, they have ushered in a new era by amalgamating sustainable materials with energy-efficient technology, setting a benchmark for future eco-friendly building practices in India and beyond. Beyond these endeavours, Vamsi has steered Visaka towards numerous other verticals aligning with its green vision, including The Wonder Yarn – sustainable yarn derived from recycling PET bottles, ATUM Charge – ATUM-powered universal EV charging stations of which there are over 250 across India, and ATUM Life – a comprehensive hub for certified eco-friendly products. Such innovations highlight Gaddam’s unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability, fostering eco-conscious practices and minimizing carbon footprints. Through these initiatives, Visaka has helped save over 5 lakh trees from being felled, offset carbon emissions by over 1 lakh tonnes, and recycled over 175 million PET bottles. Outside of Visaka Industries, Vamsi Gaddam’s commitment to sustainability extends to personal initiatives. He has pioneered ATUM-powered pushcarts, furnishing roofing and power to low-income entrepreneurs, epitomizing both his social responsibility and support for individuals striving for a brighter future. Gaddam also spearheads a YouTube channel named VamCast, connecting with like-minded changemakers nationwide who share his commitment towards creating a substantial impact on society and the planet. Distinguished guests on his podcast include luminaries such as Sonam Wangchuk and Naina Jaiswal, among others. Vamsi Gaddam’s unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship has catapulted ATUM Solar and Visaka Industries to the vanguard of sustainable technology. The inception of ATUM stands as a testament to Gaddam’s relentless pursuit of innovative solutions for a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. His seminal contributions persist in shaping the landscape of sustainability, leaving an indelible imprint on the industry, and paving the way for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow. Tags: ATUM Solar, Renewable Energy, Solar Cells, solar roof, solar technology, sustainability, Tesla, Vamsi Gaddam, Visaka industries