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In the heart of the Lithuanian wilderness, something stirs—a maelstrom of sound, a fusion of crushing sludge, hardcore, and black metal that has torn through the confines of genre to redefine the boundaries of extremity.  ERDVE , the harbingers of this sonic revolution, announce their 2024 tour, an iron-clad pact with Aortes and Dom Zły to bring the unparalleled tempest of their latest creation,  “Savigaila,” to the live stage. Witness the transformation of despair into art, of extremity into unity. The journey begins in the spring of 2024, mapping a trail through the heart of Europe, with each date promising an unforgettable experience: ERDVE w/ Aortes and Dom Zły 5th April: Vilnius, LT @ Sodas 2123 6th April: Białystok, PL @ Motopub 7th April: Łódź, PL @ Wooltura 8th April: Wrocław, PL @ Łącznik 9th April: Hradec Králové, CZ @ Country Club Lucie (without Dom Zły) 10th April: Prague, CZ @ Modra Vopice 11th April: TBA 12th April: Berlin, DE @ Die Klinke 13th April: Poznań, PL @ Pod Minogą Embark on this pilgrimage, this exploration of sound, emotion, and rebellion.  ERDVE , supported by a cohort of like-minded purveyors of the dark arts—Aortes & Dom Zły—awaits your presence. In May 2023,  ERDVE  released their standalone ‘Neigti’  – a metaphorical piece alluding to the destruction humanity’s causing to the environment. With poignant Lithuanian lyrics, the anguish of said destruction is felt in the gut-wrenching vocal delivery & wailing guitar riffs.  ERDVE  released their sophomore album  “Savigaila”  in 2021 on Season of Mist. A magnum opus of crushing despair and defiance,  “Savigaila”  dives into the marrow of self-pity, exploring the vacillating shadows of our existence. With every chord and cry, it confronts the fear, the absence of meaning, and the relentless pursuit of reality versus expectation. This album, woven with lyrics that transcend the language of despair to touch upon regret, envy, love, and the poignant beauty of togetherness, stands as a beacon for all who traverse the complexities of human emotion. Crushing insanity drips atmospherically out of every crack on “Savigaila,” experimenting with elements from hardcore, sludge, and black metal. You can order the album at this link . Follow ERDVE on: Facebook | Bandcamp Nicolae Baldovin Latest posts by Nicolae Baldovin (see all) The Depths of Innovation Beckon: ERDVE On 2024 Baltic Tour – March 8, 2024 SLEEPMAKESWAVES Reveals New Single from Forthcoming Album – March 8, 2024 DOOMSDAY ASTRONAUT Opens Up About Last Year’s Success, Favorite Tour Moments & More – March 5, 2024