The Digi ConnectCore® MP1 Family is Empowering Seamless Integration and Smart IoT Innovation

The Digi ConnectCore® MP1 Family is Empowering Seamless Integration and Smart IoT Innovation

Seamless and secure connectivity is paramount for powering Internet of Things (IoT) innovation. Digi International, a leading provider of embedded connectivity solutions, offers the Digi ConnectCore® MP1 product family as a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of IoT applications. Based on the STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 MPU family, Digi ConnectCore MP1 provides an intelligent and secure embedded system-on-module (SOM) solution that meets the demands of modern industrial applications. With modules designed to meet diverse industry needs, including the ConnectCore MP15 and MP13, Digi ConnectCore MP1 empowers businesses to harness the full potential of connected devices.

The ConnectCore MP1 family offers turnkey Linux support and comes in the robust Digi SMTplus® standard form factor. At just 29 x 29 mm, this module line offers high reliability and pin-compatibility with Digi ConnectCore 6UL SOMs. In this industrial-grade and scalable platform, the module features pre-certified dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Bluetooth® 5.2 for wireless connectivity, as well as power management with hardware and software support. Security is prioritized with built-in Digi TrustFence® device security, identity, and privacy.

Additionally, seamless integration with Digi XBee® cellular and RF modems allows for versatile connectivity options. Digi ConnectCore MP1 supports Digi ConnectCore Cloud Services for remote monitoring, device management, and IoT application enablement. It is backed by Digi Embedded Yocto Linux support, and Digi offers turnkey development services through Digi WDS as well.

Intelligent Connectivity for Secure Devices: ConnectCore MP157 and MP133

The Digi ConnectCore MP157 and Digi ConnectCore MP133 both offer powerful embedded system-on-module solutions, showcasing industrial-grade, scalable platforms with pre-certified dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Despite their similarities, there are distinct differences between the two modules that make them suitable for different use cases.

The MP157 is powered by the STMicroelectronics STM32MP157C microprocessor, which features dual Arm Cortex-A7 and a Cortex-M4 cores, delivering exceptional processing capabilities. This module stands out with its integrated 3D graphics processing unit (GPU) and display interface, making it an ideal choice for advanced human-machine interface (HMI) development. Additionally, the MP157 incorporates Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, ensuring reliable and fast connections. Its high levels of security, reliability, and performance make it specifically designed for demanding industrial and medical applications.

The Digi ConnectCore MP133 is based on STMicroelectronics’ STM32MP13 processor and is designed with a focus on low-power applications while maintaining performance. Like the MP157, it also offers pre-certified dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, but it does not include integrated 3D GPU and Gigabit Ethernet. Instead, the strength of the MP133 lies in its compact form factor. The MP133 is ideal for developers seeking a solution for space-constrained designs, yet still require reliability and industrial-grade durability.

When considering the Digi ConnectCore MP157 or ConnectCore MP133 for a design solution, developers should consider the desired capabilities and intended application of their device. If your IoT development requires a robust and powerful solution with advanced graphic capabilities for industrial and medical applications, then the MP157 is the optimal choice. However, if your focus is on low-power IoT innovation in a compact device form factor, the Digi ConnectCore MP133 is a more suitable option.

Digi ConnectCore MP157 and MP133 Key Features: