The Next Era of Innovation: Digital Infrastructure in 2024 and Beyond

S&P Global Market Intelligence Discover more about S&P Global’s offerings Investor Relations Product Login While AI continues to make waves, this webinar will spotlight the less-hyped yet foundational transformations occurring in digital infrastructure. As enterprises adapt to multi-cloud and work to speed up application development, infrastructure capabilities have to gear up to meet the evolving needs of both technology and business. Explore how advancements in digital infrastructure can be not just incremental improvements but catalysts for revolutionary breakthroughs. From the metaverse to drones, smart cities to manufacturing and supply chain automation, our experts will illuminate the pathways through which cutting-edge technologies are penetrating our day-to-day lives. Gain insights into the pivotal role digital infrastructure plays in enabling innovative technologies that promise to redefine the way we interact with the world. The Platts Events mobile app puts conference navigation and networking at your fingertips. Available one week before the event, the mobile app gives delegates : * Platts attempts to secure as many speaker presentations as possible, however some speakers choose not to share their materials. Therefore some presentations may not become available. Additionally speaker presentations for this event are only available for download from the networking mobile app and web link Access this webinar on demand Access Now Please contact us if you need more info or need help registering.