The World Media Group announces the award winner for the World Media Award for Content Leadership & Innovation

The World Media Group announces the award winner for the World Media Award for Content Leadership & Innovation

London – 05 September, 2023 – The World Media Group today announced the winner of the 2023 World Media Award (WMA) for Content Leadership & Innovation. This honour is awarded to the individual recognised by peers for talent in creating exemplary international content-driven campaigns that demonstrate brand bravery, creativity, and innovation. This year, the award is going to be presented to Navin Rammohan, Vice President, Segment Head Marketing at Infosys. Navin will receive his special award at this year’s WMA celebration in September.

Co-head Judges, Jerry Daykin, Head of Global Media, Beam Suntory and Natasha Byrne, Managing Partner, UM, along with Belinda Barker, Chief Executive of the World Media Group, agreed that Navin is an inspirational leader who pushes the boundaries of what is considered traditional content marketing, developing new models of collaboration, and using Infosys technologies to create unique experiences.

Navin was nominated for several innovative initiatives; most notably, the Infosys campaign around unifying power of sport to create more meaningful connections between tennis fans and players., Infosys collaborated with tournaments including ATP, Roland-Garros, the Australian Open & ITHF to create unforgettable sporting experiences for fans, players, and the media.

This included an industry-first, cloud-based SaaS system called the ‘Infosys tennis platform’, which aggregated multiple data sources. Infosys also launched a 3D art museum for Roland-Garros fans that encapsulated the heritage of the tournament, and they created a virtual platform during the Covid 19 pandemic to host 12,000 VIPs of the Australian Open.

The second campaign was The Sustainability Project for The Economist Group. As digital Innovation partner, Infosys Technologies is leveraging its cutting-edge capabilities to enable users to seamlessly navigate and engage with Economist Impact content and tools. Through a dynamic framework that customises, organises, and prioritises the content that matters most to readers, the combination of meaningful UX and intelligent integration of topics, formats and events ensures readers understand the most critical trends.

“World Media Group members once again nominated a host of exceptionally talented candidates for this year’s Content Leadership & Innovation Award,” said Belinda Barker, Chief Executive, the World Media Group. “Navinfought off the competition by demonstrating his ability to identify innovative marketing opportunities that simultaneously showcased Infosys’s technological expertise while delivering value to global audiences. In doing so, the Infosys campaigns under his leadership perfectly reflect the qualities we are looking for when we select our World Media Award winners.” 

The award will be given during an exclusive live ceremony at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, on Thursday 7th September 2023, where the final category winners will also be announced. The winner of this year’s prestigious Grand Prix Award will also be announced on the night, joining previous Grand Prix winners Johnnie Walker, London & Partners, Malaria No More UK, Shell, Sonos and Tata Motors as the ‘best of the best’.

Tickets for the World Media Awards  ceremony can be purchased here.


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