Think Beyond – Heart + Lung Innovation Fund

Think Beyond – Heart + Lung Innovation Fund Be part of tomorrow’s world and join us in transforming the future of care for people with heart and lung disease Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity champions ideas, research and innovation to prevent, diagnose and treat heart and lung conditions. There are 19 million people in the UK with heart or lung problems. We work with those at the front line of healthcare and support projects that create new possibilities for every patient. To help us achieve this, we are creating Think Beyond – Heart + Lung Innovation Fund, which aims to make possible new innovative solutions to support heart and lung patients that fall outside NHS funding. The critical need for innovation The burden of heart and lung disease is greater than ever and the capacity of the health service to respond is limited. We need new ideas to tackle the old problem of “how do we care for patients?” Innovation can unlock the future of healthcare. NHS charities are in a unique position to take on the risks of trying something new. We can then push forward innovative projects that could benefit the entire NHS. This is why we are championing innovation at our partner hospitals, as it is the best chance we have to create new possibilities for every patient. Past innovations The Charity has a history of supporting innovative projects at our partner hospitals. This includes funding a pioneering study to pilot the use of AcuPebble SA100s to diagnose sleep apnoea in patients with learning difficulties. This could improve diagnosis for this cohort of patients and potentially others across the NHS. It also includes a programme of digital transformation for how cystic fibrosis patients are monitored. This allowed them to record their symptoms at home; reducing the time and cost of coming into hospital and making it easier for these clinically extremely vulnerable people to shield during the pandemic. Get involved Think Beyond – Heart + Lung Innovation Fund is a bold new initiative that can transform how we care for people with heart and lung disease. To find out about becoming a founder to the fund, and the projects it hopes to support please email Tracey Shinkins-Watson at [email protected] Manage Cookie Preferences Do you have a spare five minutes to help us improve our website?I’ll do itNo thanks