Three-way collaboration to promote innovation and engineering excellence

Three-way collaboration to promote innovation and engineering excellence

PLDT and its wireless unit, Smart Communications Inc. recently joined the University of Baguio during its Annual Tripartite Collaboration to further enhance the existing curriculum of programs in the College of Engineering.

“Under our Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program or SWEEP, the country’s first

and longest-running industry-academe linkage program, we continue to promote and culture of innovation and excelling by extending learning opportunities to students and faculty,” said Stephanie V. Orlino, AVP and head of stakeholder management team at PLDT and Smart.

This initiative brought together partners from the academe and the private sector, specifically those in the technology industry, to align the current engineering program with the latest technological trends and to strengthen linkages between the academe and the industry.

“We acknowledge the contribution of the industry reaching out to and partnering with the academe. Under this collaboration, we have extended our expertise in the field of wireless telecommunications and technologies to add value to what UB currently has,” said Hope Mamucud, senior core network supervisor at PLDT and Smart.

“We currently offer a Technopreneurship subject in the School of Engineering and Architecture that requires our students to create prototypes and explore innovations. We also have Robotics incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in our curriculum. With PLDT and Smart extending their technical expertise, we can further improve these subjects under this partnership,” said Engineer Annalyn D. Soria of the UB Faculty.

“I chose to take Electronics Engineering so I could learn more about the current and upcoming trends in technology. I also believe through technology and innovation, I can contribute to addressing the waste management challenges in our community,” said 24-year-old John Reynald Garcia, a UB Electronics Engineering student.

“Trainings extended under SWEEP can help us gain knowledge in technology and enable us to become familiar with advanced innovations and equipment available. This can eventually add value to our academic and professional development,” Garcia added.

Since 2003, PLDT and Smart have been supporting colleges and universities all over the Philippines through SWEEP. The program underscores the PLDT Group’s commitment to innovation and digital inclusion and supports the government’s key digitalization efforts by fostering industry-academe linkages.

The PLDT Group is a founding member of the Digital Infrastructure pillar of the presidential Private Sector Advisory Council or PSAC.

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