TKS Innovation Program For Teens – Class Tech Tips

TKS Innovation Program For Teens - Class Tech Tips

Looking for a unique and impactful opportunity to share with your students this spring? TKS (The Knowledge Society) is an innovation program for teens designed to empower students to tackle global challenges. Their 10-month program helps students develop real-world experience and essential problem-solving skills. I’m thrilled to share a time-sensitive opportunity for your students! Applications are now open for TKS’s global innovation program. Round 4 closes on April 30th, so encourage interested students to apply within the next two weeks. In today’s blog post, I’ll share more details about the program, but if you’d like to jump in right away use this link to learn more right now. Let’s dive into the TKS innovation program for teens! TKS Innovation Program for Teens Who is the program for? TKS (The Knowledge Society) offers an innovation program for students ages 13-17. It welcomes teens who are curious, driven, and ready to work hard. TKS doesn’t require grades in the application process, and there’s no cost to apply. Importantly, there’s up to 100% tuition support available, ensuring accessibility for all interested students. So as you are entering the spring season, you can share this link with teens and families who might want to learn more about this special opportunity. The program prepares students for the future by equipping them with the tools and mindsets to address significant global issues. Students enter with no prior experience just an interest and excitement about emerging technologies and growing as a leader. By the program’s end, students will have opportunities to complete university-level projects, secure summer internships at renowned companies (while still in high school), speak on global stages, and earn scholarships to top universities. The TKS program offers both virtual and in-person participation, fostering a community of like-minded individuals passionate about making a positive impact. What will students gain from the innovation program? The video embedded above gives you a peek at the experience of past program participants. As the video also highlights, the program opens doors to numerous possibilities. Over the 10 months in the program, students will gain real-world experience. This can include working with organizations like Google, Meta, Microsoft, TikTok, and the World Economic Forum. They’ll have the chance to receive mentorship from industry leaders at companies like Netflix, Stanford, Uber, Apple, SpaceX, and more. If your students are passionate about emerging technologies and sciences, this program is an excellent fit! They’ll explore cutting-edge fields like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Synthetic Biology, Regenerative Medicine, Nanotech, Blockchain, and more. This innovation program for teens creates pathways to opportunities like speaking engagements and scholarships while fostering mindsets, confidence, and problem-solving skills essential for future leaders. As students participate in the program they will capture their experience in multiple ways. Students will develop a portfolio of projects showcasing their work, which can enhance university applications, internship opportunities, and more. For students with interests outside of the traditional curriculum, you can certainly imagine that a program like this could be a perfect fit. Applying for the TKS Innovation Program TKS alumni have achieved remarkable success, landing positions at companies like SpaceX, NASA, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and OpenAI. Many have founded their own companies or earned scholarships to top universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and UNC (Morehead-Cain). This is a time-sensitive opportunity, with Round 4 applications closing on April 30th. Students can apply and learn more here. The application only takes about 20 minutes to complete. If this isn’t a fit for your current work, please share it with a colleague who works with teens who might benefit from this transformative program. They will certainly appreciate it! Here is a quick message you can personalize and send to students: I saw this opportunity and thought you might like to learn more. It provides students with the opportunity to explore emerging technologies and can experience they can take into a future career. Here is the link to learn more.