Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation at Chicago Collective (3 – 6 February 2024)

Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation at Chicago Collective (3 - 6 February 2024)

Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation: UK brands at Chicago Collective 31/01/2024 A group of iconic UK brands, each embodying their unique take on British craftsmanship and design, will be showcasing their latest collections at Chicago Collective from 3-6 February 2024.   For these menswear brands, footwear and accessory labels, and textile specialists, British heritage isn’t just a label; it’s an intrinsic part of their identity, resonating through their products and echoing the stories of generations past. Christys’ Hats Take, for instance, Christy’s, the esteemed hatmaker celebrating its 251st year. For this brand, British heritage means a commitment to craftsmanship and quality, epitomising the essence of Great Britain’s longstanding sartorial legacy. Crockett & Jones, a fifth-generation shoe manufacturer dating back to the 1890s, views British heritage as their very essence. In a world of rapid change, this footwear brand stands as a bastion of timeless style and understated luxury, rooted in the enduring quality of English Goodyear Welted footwear. Far Afield echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the enduring nature of British design and its pivotal role in crafting classic, high-quality wardrobe pieces. Their commitment to consistency reflects the timeless appeal deeply ingrained in British fashion. Crockett & Jones Fox Umbrellas Fox Umbrellas, crafting handmade umbrellas since 1868, embodies British heritage through excellence, skill, and superb craftsmanship. From supplying royalty to gracing the screens of iconic films, Fox Umbrellas stands as a testament to British ingenuity and tradition. Gloverall’s Duffle coats, Harley of Scotland’s knitwear and John Smedley’s contemporary knitwear all showcase British design at its finest. Each brand weaves a narrative of resilience and elegance, drawing inspiration from the rich landscapes and cultures that define the British Isles. Joshua Ellis, situated in Yorkshire, epitomises the fusion of industrial heritage with modern innovation. With roots dating back to 1767, they exemplify the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with British manufacturing. Sanders & Sanders, guided by generations of the Sanders family, embodies the enduring values of tradition and craftsmanship. Their commitment to English shoemaking reflects a legacy of excellence spanning 150 years. Sanders & Sanders Joshua Ellis Meanwhile, brands like St James of London and Tateossian continue to push the boundaries of British design, offering innovation alongside immaculate craftsmanship, bridging tradition with modernity. Tricker’s, with roots dating back to 1829, sees British heritage and design as the cornerstone of their brand values. For them, it’s a reflection of centuries of tradition and ethos, permeating every aspect of their business. Truefitt & Hill, established in 1805, remains a beacon of grooming excellence, embodying the timeless sophistication of British barbering and perfumery. Truefitt & Hill In a globalised world, these brands serve as guardians of British heritage and design, weaving stories of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation into the fabric of their products. Their commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that the essence of British heritage continues to endure, resonating with customers worldwide. Follow UKFT on Instagram @ukftorg for more information on the companies exhibiting at Chicago Collective this season, or click on the link below to find out more about our international tradeshow activity: DISCOVER AT CHICAGO COLLECTIVE