Trados Includes Language Weaver Across All Editions, Alongside New Features and Innovation – Slator

Trados Includes Language Weaver Across All Editions, Alongside New Features and Innovation - Slator

RWS is pleased to announce that Trados, the industry-leading translation platform, now includes machine translation from Language Weaver across all editions. Machine translation plays a vital role in helping our customers achieve the goal to translate everything. Previously only available with Studio and Enterprise, this capability has now been extended to Team and Accelerate editions, with an annual allowance of 60 million characters. To learn more about how Trados and Language Weaver provide the perfect combination to translate everything automatically, sign up for our upcoming webinar.

We also continuously deliver new innovations to our platform. Here are just a few of our latest key innovations:

Translation management functionality for improved quality and flexibility

Trados helps you to improve quality at each stage in the translation process: 

Translation collaboration enhancements for streamlined project management to keep projects running smoothly

Trados streamlines translation vendor communication, collaboration and workflow. We have recently introduced greater flexibility to reassign to another vendor at different stages, for example during the project planning or at vendor quote approval. This means if the vendor is no longer able to work on the task, project managers can keep projects moving forward. 

Translation productivity features designed to speed up translation processes

In our continuous efforts to assist localization professionals in translating everything, the latest service release (SR1) of Trados Studio 2022 introduces powerful new capabilities. These include improved desktop editing, resulting in faster display and enhanced visual quality. Additionally, the Manager view now provides full support for Trados GroupShare projects. We have also developed a new app that incorporates the large language model behind ChatGPT. 

For more information on all the enhancements we’ve made to Trados, please visit our RWS Community.

We hope you have enjoyed this quarterly round-up, and we look forward to bringing you our next round-up in October! As we continue our cloud-first strategy across the Trados family of products, the Trados team is excited to keep delivering features to help you achieve your business goals. 

If your organization is not using Trados, please get in touch to find out more about the solutions we offer.

About Trados 

Trados helps translation professionals unlock global understanding. By offering a range of secure, intelligent translation solutions, we enable everyone across the global translation supply chain to streamline, centralize, and manage their translation work efficiently, thereby reducing costs while delivering higher quality.

Trados easily integrates into any workflow and is a source of continual innovation to meet your evolving needs. It offers unrivalled flexibility and scalability – backed by insight and support from the industry’s most experienced technology team, serving its largest user community.