Transforming ceramics with innovation: Anna Laudel’s ‘Untraditional’

Transforming ceramics with innovation: Anna Laudel's 'Untraditional'

Exploring the boundless possibilities of artistic expression, “Untraditional” features the artistic endeavors of Ertuğrul Güngör and Faruk Ertekin, the newest additions to Anna Laudel’s portfolio. The exhibition, which offers an in-depth intellectual experience beyond stereotypes by feeding on the culture and past we live in, will welcome visitors to Anna Laudel Istanbul from March 1 to April 28. The artist duo Ertuğrul Güngör and Faruk Ertekin, who spent their childhood together in Kütahya, are inspired by the cultural memory of the city they lived in and reinterpret ceramic art with modern design elements. Despite the delicate and fragile nature of ceramics, the artists seek to maintain a delicate balance by integrating robust textures influenced by literary and visual culture, highlighting the dynamic evolution of cultural heritage. Inspired by a wide range of imagery from the early Republican period, like oil paintings, Iznik tiles, traditional women’s motifs and ceramic art, “Untraditional” creates new semantic layers through its connection with modern and contemporary figures. Each work in the exhibition questions the two artists’ traditional understanding of art and offers the viewer an unorthodox intellectual experience. Visitors can enjoy exploring diverse artworks to discover artistic influences from various cultures, showcasing the versatility and intellectual depth of art. “Untraditional” pays tribute to critically minded artists and allows viewers to be part of a new form of expression that is familiar yet unique.