Turning Air into Clothes: The Mashouf Twins’ Eco-Friendly Fashion Innovation

Turning Air into Clothes: The Mashouf Twins' Eco-Friendly Fashion Innovation

In 2021, twin sisters Neeka and Leila Mashouf started a unique venture called Rubi Laboratories in the USA. Their goal? To make clothes in an eco-friendly way, right out of the air we breathe. Growing up in the beautiful redwood forests of Northern California and being part of their family’s fashion business, Bebe Stores, they always felt a close bond with nature. However, they were also aware of the harmful effects the fashion industry can have on our planet.

Motivated by love for nature and armed with knowledge in materials engineering and bioengineering, they began a journey to make a positive change. Their adventure started in a public biohacking lab, where they began experimenting with innovative ideas. They focused on a new technology that can capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from waste gases produced during manufacturing. With the help of special enzymes, they were able to transform this captured CO2 into cellulose pulp, a basic material used to make yarn and fibers for textiles.

What sets Rubi Labs apart is its green approach. Unlike traditional methods that require cutting down trees for pulp, Rubi’s technology doesn’t harm any trees. This new method is not only good for the forests but also helps in reducing the carbon footprint, making it a win-win solution for both nature and the fashion industry. The process also uses less water and land, and produces no waste, which is a big plus. Moreover, the clothes made from this process will naturally break down at the end of their life, returning to nature without causing harm.

Though starting with the fashion sector, the sisters envision their technology being used in other areas too like food packaging and building materials, aiming for a broader positive impact. According to India Times, Rubi Laboratories hopes to use its pioneering technology to tackle greenhouse gas emissions and pave the way for a sustainable future across different industries.

Rubi Laboratories is more than just a startup. It’s a dream shared by the Mashouf sisters to blend fashion with nature-friendly practices. By transforming waste gases into useful materials for making clothes and possibly more, they are not only promoting a sustainable fashion trend but also inspiring a change towards a more eco-conscious and innovative future.