We Drive It: Inside the North Phillips School of Innovation – EducationNC

EdNC’s new short documentary, We Drive It, highlights the work of a team of passionate educators and scholars in rural North Carolina.

In the high-poverty Northside district of Edgecombe County, schools have historically lagged behind on test scores and other metrics. That’s why change-makers there decided it was time for something radically different. It was time to build a new school from the ground up, a school specifically designed with students in mind.

The ultimate goal of this innovative new school? Self-actualization for students. Throughout a yearlong planning process, the team asked students and parents in the Northside what their dream was for school. Then they traveled across the country looking for innovative new approaches to teaching that they could bring home.

The result was a collection of learning experiences that create a brand new innovative school model: The North Phillips School of Innovation.

It’s a place where students experience social-emotional support from the moment they show up. In the morning, students meditate on their goals and affirm the successes of others in the space. They learn the required academic standards by completing exciting passion projects. And, they discover the richness of their own identities, taking charge of their agency in the world.

This documentary follows the School of Innovation during its first year, which functioned as a pilot run. Next year, these innovative practices will be expanded to all eighth through 10th graders in the Northside of Edgecombe County.