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When you think of digital transformation, what kind of organizations do you think are leading the charge? Media organizations, tech firms, or perhaps financial service companies? While they might be the ones making headlines, leading organizations in every vertical are leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities to transform their digital experience and are seeing unprecedented results that span across their organizations.

In fact, since integrating digital technology and shifting to a relevance-first mindset, one of the leading Canadian law firms, Fasken, has been able to create a website that lives up to its top-tier reputation. With over 700 lawyers,1200 employees, offices worldwide and plenty of disparate information silos, Fasken struggled to meet customer expectations. Its brochure-style website had amassed over 40,000 pieces of content, findable only by an outdated and hard-to-use search interface. Fasken’s employees and customers alike were growing increasingly more frustrated by the inability to find what they needed and lack of personalization. Recognizing the increase in demands for more intuitive self-service options, Fasken knew it was time for a change.

“The experience of finding legal expertise on our previous website did not reflect the service standards of a top-tier law firm. We wanted to show clients and prospects that we understand their business, rather than putting the onus on them to understand ours.” – Brenda Plowman, Chief Marketing Officer

Fasken partnered with design agency Sid Lee to take their first steps towards digital transformation with two goals in mind: enable personalized experiences and increase conversions. These goals were broken down into four requirements:

  • The right content must be offered to the right person, the moment it’s needed
  • Ability to track customer insights like context and intent
  • Improve usability of online directory
  • Personalize the experience according to industries, practices and markets

Case StudyFasken Rebuilds Online Presence with AI-Powered Search

With these requirements defined, Sid Lee suggested the Sitecore Experience Platform for Fasken’s marketing needs, and suggested Coveo for Sitecore as the optimal insight engine under the hood. The combination of Sitecore XDB and Coveo’s AI-powered search and recommendations would give Fasken the ability to deliver personalization at scale.

“The ecosystem we have implemented offers strategies in Sitecore’s customization, linking both with the needs of potential customers and geolocation, and uses Coveo’s artificial intelligence to discover the intent behind each client to offer the most relevant content.” – Yanick Bedard, VP Digital Strategy, Partner at Sid Lee

Despite the large volume of content on its website, the deployment of Sitecore and Coveo has enabled Fasken’s customers and employees to easily find content that is relevant to their context and intent in the given moment, drastically improving engagement and satisfaction.

Find out how Fasken stepped out-of-the-box and embraced digital transformation to completely innovate its customer experience, improve customer engagement and enhance overall satisfaction.

Case StudyFasken Rebuilds Online Presence with AI-Powered Search