Workplace Innovation Summit 2018

Craft your workplace strategy.

Join us for our 4th annual Workplace Innovation Summit, our special event focused on a holistic view of the workplace that transcends disciplines — beyond real estate and design, we’re also focused on culture, workforce engagement, talent, and more. Everyone is invited because workplace strategy affects us all.

Attendees will learn about workplace strategy and how to apply strategies in their own organization, they’ll get inspired and motivated to enhance their work experience, and they’ll receive tools and content to share and educate others.

Workplace Strategy Matters.

Workplace Strategy Experts Say…

The Summit

The Workplace Innovation Summit is a one-day event experience – hear from cross-disciplinary thought leaders through keynotes, workshops, and live case study presentations.

Past Attendees

What to Expect

  • One-Day Event Experience – hear from cross-disciplinary thought leaders through keynotes, workshops, and live case study presentations.
  • Experience the latest in Workplace Design – See the latest products and technology in Workplace Innovation
  • Networking with industry leaders
  • Breakfast, Lunch and a Cocktail Party


Keynote presentations, workshops, and live case study demonstrations — our presenters for the Workplace Innovation Summits will leave you inspired and ready to change your workplace strategy.

Think Tank

The Think Tank is our team of Workplace Innovation thought leaders. They’re all experts in their respective professions, including real estate, business, interior design, architecture, corporate culture, organization design, human resources, and talent management.

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