zvelo IoT Security Platform Among ECD 2018 Innovation Award Winners

Back in July, zvelo was nominated for Embedded Computing Design’s 2018 Innovation Awards for our work in IoT Security. Well, Embedded Computing Design recently released their Fall 2018 publication where they released their 2018 Resource Guide—as well as announcing the 2018 ECD Innovation Awards Product Winners for categories in software, systems, and silicon.

Congratulations to the winner in the software category this year, SparkCognition—and check out Embedded Computing Design’s Fall 2018 Edition with the 2018 Resource Guide.

zvelo’s IoT Security Platform Among Winners in Embedded Computing Design’s 2018 Innovation Awards

For the second straight year, zvelo’s IoT Security Platform ranked among the finalists in ECD’s Innovation Awards for next-generation IoT frameworks aimed at securing business and residential networks from nefarious Internet of Things devices.

zvelo’s IoT Security Platform is designed for router and gateway manufacturers, MSPs, cybersecurity companies, as well as enterprises—providing agentless identification and device profiling. The beauty behind zvelo’s IoT Security Platform is the lightweight and agentless approach—requiring no client-based hardware to be installed on all of your at-home devices. Instead, the zvelo IoT solution is designed to be installed on a gateway or router—where it monitors network traffic and looks for anomalous behavior. Using advanced machine learning and zvelo’s AI-based cloud network to analyze and aggregate massive amounts of network data from similar devices around the world—it is able to provide valuable insight into network devices to help security professionals automate, control, and orchestrate improved network security even as IoT device numbers explode.

To learn more about the capabilities of zvelo’s IoT Security Platform and how it can improve trust of your network devices, Click Here.