2020 China Fintech Innovation Grand Competition Awards Announced

The winners of the “2020 China Fintech Innovation Grand Competition” (2020中国金融科技创新大赛) have just been announced.

The 2020 Competition saw the submission of 97 entries by 48 commercial banks and 34 tech companies, with 78 entries subsequently receiving awards.

Initial selection involved the review committee assessing competition entrants on the basis of “innovation, effectiveness and classic example.”

Final selection saw online voting over an 11 day period, with nearly one million votes submitted in total.

The Competition was held by online news platform Cebnet.com.cn (中国电子银行网), which is under the China Financial Certification Authority (由中国金融认证中心).

Gold Prizes for Technological Innovation Applications

Gold Prizes for Integrated Smart Platforms

Review Committee Recommendation Honours: