AECI opens JSE trading in celebration of a century of innovation and excellence – African Mining Online

AECI opens JSE trading in celebration of a century of innovation and excellence - African Mining Online

Trade at the JSE was opened by AECI, a global leader in mining explosives and chemicals as the company celebrates 100 years of innovation, growth and impact. Today, the company reflected on its rich history while charting an ambitious course for the next century. [See the countdown here:] From its pioneering days in the explosives industry in South Africa to its current stature in the global arena, AECI has continually evolved, driven by a commitment to excellence and a vision for the future, says the company. With a workforce of over 7 500, the company’s reach spans 22 nations. Into the future Into the future
Group CEO, Holger Riemensperger, shared insights into AECI’s ambitious strategy for the future. “Our recently unveiled strategy sets the stage for AECI to become a global ‘top three’ player in its industry by 2030. Through operational excellence and a disciplined approach to capital allocation, we aim to double the EBITDA of our core mining and chemicals business by 2026. “These capabilities are central to the sustainable and profitable growth of AECI, coupled with strategic divestments from non-core businesses.” AECI Mining is to remain the cornerstone of the group’s growth strategy, with plans to even further expand into key regions such as Asia-Pacific, South America and North America. Riemensperger said the strategy is premised on ensuring that the combined group is structured in a manner that enables it to unlock value in the near term, delivering operational and executional excellence through focusing on AECI’s core businesses and existing strengths. “We believe that in this way the company is better positioned to navigate the changing environment and positioned for strong growth in the future. The group management structure has also been adjusted to reflect the changes in the business and to drive empowerment, accountability and quick decision making.” The company returned to the JSE today where it was listed in 1966, with its ticker symbol (also called a stock symbol) AFE, unchanged since then. The first registered address was the National Union of Mineworkers building in Johannesburg city centre. AECI opened the day’s trade at 09:00 this morning, marking 100 years of “fortitude and success”. Riemensperger spoke to Sharyn Macnamara. Click here for a brief snippet of their conversation: A legacy of innovation A legacy of innovation
Dr Khotso Mokhele, chair of AECI, commented on the significance of the centenary, “Throughout AECI’s century-long journey, our commitment to South Africa’s mining industry has been unwavering. Our enduring legacy of innovation, safety and societal impact underscores our deep-rooted commitment to the country’s development and prosperity.” Throughout its history, AECI has achieved numerous milestones, including ground-breaking technological advancements and strategic acquisitions, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. From its foundational role in South Africa’s explosives sector to its expansion into international markets, each milestone underscores the company’s legacy of leadership and innovation. Innovation is at the heart of AECI’s operations, driving continuous improvement and setting new industry standards. Mokhele said, “Through a culture of research and development, AECI has consistently introduced cutting-edge technologies and solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity and sustainability in mining operations. “From revolutionary explosives formulations to environmentally friendly chemical processes, the company’s innovative approach has not only propelled its own growth but has also revolutionised the broader mining industry, paving the way for safer, more sustainable practices.” Global growth Global growth
AECI’s commitment to safety and security in mining operations goes beyond business objectives; it is deeply ingrained in the company’s ethos. By providing innovative explosives and chemicals solutions, coupled with comprehensive safety protocols and training, the company has “become synonymous with safe and responsible mining practices”. This commitment not only safeguards the well-being of miners, but also contributes to the sustainable development of the mining industry, enhancing South Africa’s reputation as a global mining hub. The company recognised its long “Long Service Legends” with an award ceremony. African Mining spoke to Tennyson Thela, who has been working at the company since 1980 and celebrated 44 years with AECI. Click here to listen to what he had to say: Source: Supplied by AECI, edited by Sharyn Macnamara