Bühler’s grain innovation center to open in October

Bühler's grain innovation center to open in October

Bühler is nearing completion of its cutting-edge Grain Innovation Center (GIC) in Uzwil, Switzerland, slated to open its doors on October 28, 2024. This facility marks a new era in grain processing innovation, replacing Bühler’s former Grain Technology Center that has served the milling industry since 1951. The GIC is designed to assist customers in adapting to evolving market dynamics and to facilitate the development of future food products. The Grain Innovation Center, spanning 2,000 square meters, is equipped with advanced infrastructure and the latest equipment from Bühler and its partners. It will cater to the food and animal feed sectors, providing customers the opportunity to test new products, explore innovative processes, and find solutions to industry challenges. Additionally, customers will benefit from Bühler’s extensive Application & Training Centers network, covering the entire protein value chain. Christian Geser, Project Director Grains & Food at Bühler Group, emphasized the significance of this modern facility, combining Bühler’s rich milling heritage with modern technology. The GIC is strategically integrated with Bühler’s Application & Training Centers in Uzwil, offering an ideal environment for customers to transform challenges into opportunities. The necessity for the new facility arose as the former Grain Technology Center, operational for nearly 75 years, required modernization to meet contemporary market demands. The GIC addresses critical issues in the industry, such as using local raw materials, enhancing productivity and safety, and developing healthier products. The project, which started with the dismantling of the old center in August 2022, progressed with the demolition of the existing building and construction of the new GIC, completed within 12 months. Now in the final phase, the installation of equipment and systems, including some refurbished machines from the previous center, is underway. This approach benefits both economically and environmentally, promoting resource efficiency and reducing waste. Furthermore, the modernization extends to Bühler’s Milling Academy and the Swiss Institute of Feed Technology (SFT). These will be housed in a new 1,600 square meter facility adjacent to the GIC, enhancing synergies. The facility will include classrooms, an open learning area, meeting rooms, a customer service corner, laboratories, a workshop, and expanded changing rooms. This strategic location will foster skill development and adaptability for Bühler’s team and customers in a rapidly evolving industry. The new building for the Milling Academy and the SFT is expected to be operational by January 2025.