Surfing the edge of innovation and desire

Have you ever felt the magnetic pull to be at the forefront, riding the first wave of innovation? Join me today on a journey of ‘front surfing’ – a term I’ve coined for those of us who thrive on being ahead of the curve. As a natural-born tinkerer, I’ve always been drawn to the cutting edge, especially when it comes to technology. My childhood in South Africa, as the third of four boys, instilled in me a competitive nature that fueled my desire to be first. Here’s what I’ve learned about staying ahead: Front surfing isn’t just about being competitive; it’s a mindset. It’s about the thrill of innovation and embracing new trends early on. And sometimes, it means going against the status quo and feeling a bit lonely at the top. I remember back in 2010, diving deep into video marketing and teaching businesses about the power of this new medium. I was convinced TV was on its way out and video was taking over. My claim to fame? A YouTube video that ranked number one for how to get more views for three years straight. But even as I watched the trend I was part of become mainstream, I realized I was still ‘front surfing’ without even knowing it. So, if you’re like me – someone who naturally gravitates towards the next big thing – stick around. Your insights could be the key to unlocking incredible opportunities. Let’s embrace our inner front surfer together and see where the wave takes us next. Looking forward to your feedback and perhaps even having you join me for a chat on my show. Until then, keep riding the wave, my fellow front surfers!