Cosylab announces brand refresh – Med-Tech Innovation

Cosylab announces brand refresh - Med-Tech Innovation

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The refresh comes after over two decades of Cosylab’s presence in big science and more than a decade in the medical market with its OncologyOne software suite for cancer treatment. The new brand brings together all Cosylab’s solutions that enable organisations to make scientific breakthroughs, deliver cancer treatments, develop healthcare innovations and bring clean fusion energy to the world.                                                  

Over the last decade, Cosylab has grown rapidly. Building on the team’s expertise in control systems, the company expanded its software solutions to global industrial markets, including fusion, oncology treatment, complex medical devices, space, and astronomy. Today, Cosylab provides expertise, software and electronics for the world’s most advanced systems and devices, such as particle accelerators, large telescope arrays, fusion reactors, innovative medical devices and cancer therapy systems.

Dr. Mark Plesko, co-founder and CEO of Cosylab, said: “We are proud of our journey, our achievements and the values which we have created as we’ve grown from a small, ambitious start-up to a leading player, participating in the largest international projects for fundamental physics research and making a significant contribution to the progress of the most modern methods of cancer treatment. Today, our solutions are integrated into the most significant big science international projects, including CERN and ITER, and we work with the largest medical device manufacturers and cancer centres worldwide to provide better cancer treatment and clean energy to as many people as possible.”

The new corporate identity is based on Cosylab’s five brand pillars, identified through extensive research among Cosylab’s customers, partners and employees: groundbreaking technologies for the world’s most complex systems; true partner; agility; passion for improvement; and making a difference in the world. The identity highlights Cosylab’s purpose to advance humanity, making new cancer treatments, clean energy and scientific discoveries possible.

The refreshed brand unites all Cosylab’s activities under the singular idea and tagline of Advancing humanity. Engineering remarkable. “Advancing humanity” emphasises Cosylab’s mission and critical role in developing solutions that help improve society – curing cancer patients, enabling clean power across the globe, fuelling space exploration, researching the smallest particles of nature and making the universe visible. “Engineering remarkable” recognises Cosylab’s technical capabilities, including powering the most advanced scientific devices in the world as well as next-generation medical equipment.

Dr. Mark Plesko added: “Cosylab’s breadth and depth of experience equip our clients with best-in-class solutions that reduce risk, shorten time to market and optimise investment. But what sets us apart is our people’s insatiable curiosity about the world around us and our ambition to make it better. This spirit, paired with our end-to-end capabilities, fuels Cosylab’s ability to deliver for organisations, patients, and humankind in ways not possible before. We remain committed to our ambition to make the world a better place by delivering state-of-the-art expertise, software, and electronics for the world’s most complex devices.”