Fewer graduates are choosing to pursue family medicine – Doctors explain why
CTV News
“Fewer medical school graduates are opting for a career in family medicine, a choice some doctors say may boil down to finances.”
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Researchers use wearable tech to detect COVID-19 before onset of symptoms

Brighter World
“Wrist-worn health devices can be combined with machine learning to detect COVID-19 infections as early as two days before symptoms appear, McMaster researcher David Conen and a team of experts from across Europe have determined.”
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Nova Scotia
“Cystic fibrosis is a progressive genetic disease that affects children and adults. It is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting children and young adults in Canada.”
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LGBTQ addictions support group bringing connection to community

CBC News
“Friends Patrick Maubert and Liane Khoury noticed there wasn’t a space for people in their community to share their experiences with addiction and support one another.”
TAGS: addiction, LGBTQ healthcare, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Carleton research explores ways to ‘stretch’ the use of a rare metal

Carleton Newsroom
“… to help reduce the amount of palladium used in chemical reactions that play a significant role in industries such as electronics and pharmaceuticals.”
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