dGram: Standard Disruption, Crypto Innovation

dGram announces a 100% gold bullion-underwritten cryptocurrency which harnesses the blockchain to fuse the safe harbour of the gold standard with the convenience and investment upside potentials of cryptocurrencies. Paired with a speculative growth token, with a prescribed growth / inflation path underpinned by a token-based value-enhancing revenue shares from dGram’s mining operations. dGram is poised to change the crypto game.

This combination of DGG, an asset-backed stable cryptocurrency coin with a unique value-assured transaction model targeted at international trade and DGI, a growth-enabled token, has been architected to:

  • Bring viable crypto investment opportunities to traditional gold investors in the form of DGG

  • Deliver stability to crypto investors via the value-enhancing growth model of DGI

  • Remove barriers for investors from consumers to institutions – and everyone in between

  • Deliver value-assured international trade and commerce transactions

  • Receive direct value into the wallets of token holders directly shared from the business behind these cryptocurrencies

First, problems across the board

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves with solving the problems before we lay them out a little more clearly. The investment merits of gold and bitcoin are typically viewed as substantially different, with gold in its traditional profile as reliable hard asset as a ‘consistent’ store of value in a diversified portfolio, particularly in times of global economic uncertainty (like today, or most other days…).

Crypto, in contrast, plays the opposite role in that diversified portfolio with its volatility and highly speculative nature. While consumer entries to the world of crypto investments are steadily increasing and the institutions are starting to do more than just dip their toes, the fear, uncertainty, doubt and confusion in the space are also on the rise:

  1. consumer and investor uncertainty and the two primary fears: the fear of missing out and the fear of losses (combined with standard fear, uncertainty and doubt). Investors want to get involved – though most know better than to expect to many gains in the 10,000% range, any more – but for a large part of the market it is viewed as gambling, not investing.

  2. lack of understanding of coin values amid pressures of a market that writes its own rules and to which knowledge of other financial markets can’t always apply. Stable coins provide certainty to some degree and always subject to inflationary and deflationary pressures and, beyond reduced fees in comparison with fiat transactions, while providing a stepping stone in the right direction, are often seen as contrary to the ethos of cryptocurrency overall, and certainly have no speculative value.

  3. lack of transparency with most other precious metal-backed or fiat-linked” tokens and coins leading to a lack of confidence and trust in their underwriting. The standard questions about crypto amplify and multiply when it comes to “backed” crypto currencies, ranging from how does it work to how is it different from other cryptos, through to is it safe to buy… and is it really backed / underwritten?.

  4. lack of “value certainty” for eCommerce transactions: the highly speculative nature of crypto values, resulting in uncertainty at best and losses at worst across all scale of transactions, all of which leads to hesitance in adoption and usage of crypto for commerce. “Stable coins” do exist, of course, but are tied to the upwards and downwards pressures on the fiat currency to which they are tied.

  5. and, finally, simple, plain confusion: while it is highly likely that everyone reading this article is somehow or another well-into the crypto and blockchain space, do take note that, for every one of us inside, there are 250K more outside who are interested (and another 250K who are oblivious – and these numbers, purely fabricated, are quite likely lower than the actuals would be).

All of that not to mention that with 2000+ cryptocurrencies out there, I challenge any reader here to have knowledge on all of them beyond what Google finds for you… so, how does a traditional institutional investment committee – or an everyday consumer investor – even know where to begin (beyond the top four or five that they might have heard about in the news – or the “sure thing” they saw on LinkedIn)?

And, as it happens, those questions can be seen to overlap also with the views of gold as a safe-haven investment. While it is that traditional stable pillar of a diversified portfolio – or a strong hedge against great fear of the markets of money – it is by nature non-liquid (particularly so, in modern terms). Also, its inherent stability also minimises the potential for large gains.

So, while gold still delivers as a pillar in a diversified portfolio, as expected, it also traditionally underperforms in terms of year-on-year growth and creating a gap that can be bridged by the right approach to crypto. dGram is that approach.

One quick point: disclosure

So, here is the true gold-backed stable crypto coin DGG and the DGI growth coin, providing solutions and answers to all of the above problems. But first, full disclosure: I am a principal in the business and have collaboratively architected the business model from a stellar vision with a strong team. We haven’t set out to change the world – but our bridges to these gaps should change the way the world thinks about and uses crypto.

Crypto for the masses the natural and formulative next step as the economies of and commerce around the world adopts and adapts cryptocurrencies… but, leave those barriers in place – or add more, regulatory or otherwise – and that can never happen.

dGram will change the perceptions about and the usability of all of this blockchain and cryptocurrency technology stuff that, well, can just make some things work better. So, that is why I am part of it, that is why I am writing about it, that is why I think you are reading (but it is only fair to do that disclosure thing).

Now, in this article I am not going to argue specific merits or realities of the vast set of metal-based altcoins on the market – and on the way, ranging from the antique eGold through to a UK Royal Mint gold token – let alone make comparisons or recommendations (beyond the standard “do your own research”.

I do think, though, that the end to end business model and the blockchain verified gold-holdings will serve to support dGram comparisons with alternatives current and upcoming – and to provide answers to each of the questions posed, and solutions to the problems presented.

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the solutions: dGram as bridge

So, now, I guess I need to support my claim that the dGram approach actually provides that integrated set of solutions, for each of those problems?

Problems 1 & 2. DGG is an asset-backed crypto currency, with each “minted” coin backed by the purchase of a minimum of one gram of 999.9 gold bullion, purchased with 100% of ICO coin investment capital (excluding fees) and is vaulted in secure, insured escrow in London England with Baird & Co in the dGram Permanent Gold Reserve (PGR).

Problems 2 & 3. DGG backs 100% of capital investment with physical gold, creating a as stable a coin value as possible mitigating most to all risk (beyond standard gold value fluctuations): the speculative DGI tokens fuel the mining businesses behind dGram with valuation risks mitigated by a four-year growth and inflation model designed to drive DGI value.

Problem 3. DGG gold coin purchases and vault transactions will be tracked by open smart contracts tracked directly on the blockchain and verified by Baird & Co, London, our respected and insured vaulting partner.

Problems 2 & 4. the dTrade value-assured transaction mechanism will guarantee end-to-end value of trade, exchange and eCommerce transactions for a defined period of time, removing speculation

Problem 5… all of the above plus the unique dShare mechanism which provides direct “dividends” to holders of the dGram DGI growth coin.

As for the gold side of the equation, DGG, tradeable on our home exchange (and in selected third party markets), offers complete liquidity for exchange, sale or transactional uses – and dGram commits to purchase any coin at the spot price of gold and/or convert to physical gold holdings or fiat. dGram also maintains an on-going offer to buy-back any and all DGG coins offered.

The crypto element of dGram – the ‘air’ value of the DGI token in the marketplace – enhances standard gold investments: when combined with an innovative business model and the diversity of the dGram two-coin offering supports a higher market performance potential than physical gold holdings, converting this solid pillar to a solid but speculative investment

Permanent Gold Store

The word “permanent” was chosen deliberately: our most simple innovation is visibility: directly from our website and exchange, the public will be able to query and view our smart contract with Baird & Co wherein dGram fuses physical gold assets directly to the base value of the dGram coin. With each gold purchase, refining and storage transaction visibly entered into a public record on the Ethereum blockchain ensure that the gold bullions holdings position of dGram will be verifiable and public.

So, there you have it: a physical gold bullion underwritten cryptocurrency which, in and of itself, provides a strong argument to the question of ‘why do we need another coin?’

Three Economies, Two Pillars

dGram GmbH, the German and Malta-based company behind the dGram coin, is a metals and minerals mining business, offering both conservative and progressive investment strategies to consumer, professional and institutional investors in a single investment vehicle which delivers to the two pillars of a diversified portfolio:

  • the hard asset of physical gold in its traditional profile as a reliable store of value

  • the speculation of crypto, underwritten by physical gold maintaining a minimum value

The Coin Economy – dGram coins service and increase value across to two separate and standalone but connected business economies: the dGram coin and exchange with an innovative and highly attractive dTrade value-assured transaction mechanism and the planned exchange-based dEscrow and dOTC services, the dGram coin economy is designed to drive uptake from current and new gold and crypto currency investors.

The Contributing economy – the mining and ancillary business interests of dGram GmbH adds risk-free revenue shares directly to the value of the DGI token via the unique dShare mechanism: “dividends” directly increasing the gold-to-coin ratio and in so doing directly increasing the base value of the coin.

The Investors Economy – Investors during the ICO will be invited to subscribe as “dClub investors” focusing a percentage of their investments, amongst other offers, directly towards accelerating mining operations and acquisitions and enjoying a proportional profit share as well as benefiting from the resulting contributions to the permanent gold reserve.


Possibly the most significant innovations of the dGram business architecture is dTrade. dTrade is positioned as not only an enabler for not only both dGram economies but also should well prove a driver for the uptake and use of crypto for international commerce and trading.

In short, dTrade transactions guarantee that the receiver of DGG as funds, will receive a precise and specific value for the funds sent, in either fiat or crypto currency. This means that if I send you a net $1000 payment then you will receive a net $1000 deposit in your fiat account (less fees).

Supported by internal market-evaluation algorithms, delivered via smart contracts and managed by automated business rules, the dTrade value-assurance system operates as depicted below:

dTrade overview

Wrapping Up

dGram, coming very soon, presents an exciting change: building on the strengths and stability of the gold standard while innovatively leveraging the capabilities of crypto and the assurance of the blockchain, dGram presents DGG as a solid cornerstone of a new economy, DGI as a new way of looking at crypto investments and, together, as a door-opener for the millions of interested by as of yet outside observers of the land of crypto.

Presenting a pair of separate but connected coins offering a stable but speculative investment vehicle across all classes of investors dGram, as simply stated, is standard disruption and crypto innovation: disrupting the gold standard by improving on the working model and extending the business capabilities of cryptocurrency, all for the purpose of delivering – better, stronger, faster and cheaper – consistent value for money and a strong potential return on investments.

With DGG, dGram delivers a cryptocurrency safe harbour: the ideal hedge for current bitcoin and altcoin gains; an alternate safe but, in combination with DGI, a speculative investment with a prescribed growth path. dGram is the perfect place to ‘dip a toe’ and, particularly during the pre-ICO private sale wherein exists a true opportunity for free gold!

For more information, reach at to the team at [email protected].

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