Driving innovation in India’s dynamic media landscape – Broadcast and CableSat

Driving innovation in India’s dynamic media landscape - Broadcast and CableSat

Perspective Driving innovation in India’s dynamic media landscape As 2024 dawns, we at TVU Networks eagerly share our vision to empower India’s vibrant media sector. Building on global achievements, we aim to catalyze innovation tailored to this dynamic landscape. Our 2023 trends report revealed meteoric adoption of AI and remote production worldwide – harborers of immense potential here. Recalling the past year, we were awed as TVU Search daily interactions soared 1200 percent. This validated how heavily global users now rely on AI to refine workflows and content. The implications for India are profound, with rapidly ballooning demand for intelligent solutions. One sterling Indian success was with ANI, India’s leading news agency. By deploying TVU MediaMind and TVU Search, ANI transformed their entire ingest and clipping workflow. We saw them leverage smart tools to unlock 50 percent greater productivity and 30 percent time savings. Their video archive is now intelligently indexed for instant discovery too. This showcases our global-local approach – blending worldwide insights with deep Indian understanding. In 2024, we will prioritize enhancing TVU Search and TVU MediaMind specifically for India. Our lens will cover the length and breadth of needs, from national broadcasters to regional news channels. The goal is seamless cultural and contextual integration. We also plan to introduce AI solutions for critical Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali, based on our proven multilingual models. Another global trend with strong Indian resonance is remote production – enabling broadcasters to steer live events freely from anywhere. 2023 saw our mobile transmission app TVU Anywhere log a staggering 400-percent uptick in usage. Our cloud live production platform, TVU Producer, gained over 130 percent more active users globally. This mirrors soaring adoption of cloud-based remote workflows, a wave we expect to swell further in 2024. Indian broadcasters are increasingly attracted to the flexibility and savings of cloud solutions. In 2023, we had successes with major firms like Zee adopting TVU Producer for marquee events. For the 2024 season, we are designing bundled AI and remote production packages, tailored to Indian needs. The focus is on driving scalability, cost efficiency, and ease-of-use. We are also exploring tie-ups with Indian tech giants to augment our cloud infrastructure for media verticals here. Additionally, India’s accelerated 5G push unlocks immense potential. Our data reveals 5G surpassing 4G/LTE for our portable transmission backpacks, indicating improving 5G availability. With planned mid-2024 India-wide 5G rollouts, we foresee monumental gains in live video quality, reliability, and flexibility. We are also keen to explore 5G’s possibilities for immersive, interactive media like 360-degree video and augmented reality. Imagine captivating virtual reality coverage of Indian Premier League matches – placing fans right inside the action! For the 2024 season, we are designing 5G-enabled solutions to showcase such innovations. We are also collaborating with telecom majors like Jio to ensure nationwide 5G access for media enterprises. The goal is to jointly steward the 5G revolution’s benefits for India’s creative economy. In closing, our 2024 roadmap centers around harnessing global insights to digitally empower Indian broadcasters and content creators. We will provide cutting-edge yet cost-effective AI and cloud solutions tailored to thrive in this landscape. Having powered media innovation worldwide, we are honored to catalyze this transformation across India. The road ahead looks exciting indeed! We are committed travelers in India’s transition to a connected, intelligent and inventive media future.