Launch of private 5G network at Tacoma Tideflats by 5G Open Innovation Lab, Washington Maritime Blue, and City of Tacoma – Container News

Launch of private 5G network at Tacoma Tideflats by 5G Open Innovation Lab, Washington Maritime Blue, and City of Tacoma - Container News

The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab), a global innovation ecosystem that brings together multi-stage startups, enterprise and global technology platforms and investors to connect and collaborate on developing disruptive new enterprise technologies, EDGE Cluster, Washington Maritime Blue, a non-profit, strategic alliance formed to accelerate innovation and sustainability in support of an inclusive blue economy, and the City of Tacoma, in collaboration with a coalition of partners, introduced a pioneering 5G Private Network at Tacoma Tideflats to cater to five enterprise clients. This significant pilot initiative serves as a testament to the capabilities of a 5G innovation ecosystem in facilitating business modernization. The network supports a diverse range of clients, namely TOTE Maritime Alaska, Silverback Marine, Trident Seafoods, SAFE Boats International, and Motive Power Marine. “Ports are the lifeblood of coastal economies around the world, and there is fierce competition to stay ahead. Washington State has a “Blue Economy” strategy in place to help the state create a thriving and sustainable maritime industry through 2050 and beyond,” stated Joshua Berger, president and CEO of Washington Maritime Blue. Furthermore, initiating its coverage for five enterprise clients, this pilot project strategically utilizes existing infrastructure, such as floodlights and utility poles, to enhance cost-effectiveness and streamline efforts. The initial phase of the network encompasses the East Blair Peninsula, the operational hub for the clients involved. Scott Waller, chief technology officer (CTO) of the 5G Open Innovation Lab, led the design and implementation efforts, working in collaboration with partners from the 5G OI Lab, including Comcast, Dell Technologies, VMware by Broadcom, Intel, Expeto, Ericsson, and various others. “Networks are enabling platforms to solve enterprise problems. Together with our partners and alumni, we intend to demonstrate the true potential of private connectivity, edge computing, and applications as enablers to modernize enterprises in the Tideflats and beyond,” stated Jim Brisimitzis, CEO and general partner of 5G OI Lab. In January 2022, the Tacoma Tideflats 5G Network Feasibility Study, a collaborative effort by the 5G Open Innovation Lab, Washington Maritime Blue, Avanade, City of Tacoma, Washington Department of Commerce, Business Finland, Impact Washington, and Tacoma Power, was published. This study delved into various use cases and identified critical investment areas considered essential by several businesses within the Tideflats for their operations. The funding for the network announced today was secured through the Washington State Department of Commerce Evergreen Manufacturing Growth Grant, granted in June 2023. This financial support aims to establish a technology platform that will facilitate initiatives outlined in the study, including: Orchestrating and enhancing efficiency across the Tacoma Tideflats to improve supply chain visibility. Modernizing the Tacoma Tideflats’ infrastructure by upgrading physical and virtual components. Prioritizing worker and community safety by implementing measures to improve safety across the Tacoma Tideflats. Focusing on ecological and community health to enable a sustainable future in the Tacoma Tideflats.