Genesys G-Summit 2018: Innovation at the Front

Genesys G-Summit 2018: Innovation at the Front

by Nicole Speciale

Last week, I attended the Genesys G-Summit in San Francisco. This year, the event combined presentations, performances, and panels to showcase Genesys’ approach and updates to its contact center platform.

It’s time to rethink how we perceive “channels” in contact center.


One key takeaway from the Genesys event is that the company is trying to reconstruct how we think about channels within a contact center platform. We are used to hearing the term “omnichannel” to describe customer service interactions, and while this term sounds inclusive, it still implies a certain degree of isolation amongst channels. This is why Genesys wants to refine a “no channel” approach to customer service. The idea here is that all forms and methods of communication are so cohesive and integrated that the separation of channels does not seem apparent, nor does it appear an obstacle.


Intelligent and predictive routing is the way forward. Based on certain algorithms, a success rate prediction can be generated between a customer and potential agents. Certain factors include age, languages spoken, specialty areas, and gender, among others. By taking these characteristics into account and using a model to understand success rates amongst customers, contact centers are better able to address the needs of their customers and increase customer satisfaction. Predictive routing is a must-have in the intelligent contact center (ICC), which Aragon sees as the future of contact centers.


CX Heroes was another announcement from the Genesys G-Summit. The CX Heroes launch is designed to highlight customer support agents that go above and beyond in their work. What Genesys refers to as “moment makers” are people who have the ability to shift how people view customer support. Calling in for customer support does not always mean frustration, a lack of resolution, or having to be passed through multiple agents.

Contact center capabilities, like those offered by Genesys, are changing the game for contact center and are leading the shift toward the intelligent contact center. These intelligent capabilities, combined with exemplary agents, are changing the landscape of contact center—for better.

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