Increase Innovation Capacity

The Innovation Challenge

Engineering leaders are under constant pressure to find new and innovative solutions to meet increasing customer demands. To innovate effectively, businesses face many challenges, especially in allocation of resources to balance the competing demands of winning new contracts, delivering existing projects and helping customers.

Studies have shown that best-in-class innovators enjoy significantly better results in key areas:

  • Meeting product target costs
  • Hitting launch dates
  • Increasing profit margins

But to innovate successfully, companies must overcome the innovation challenges. While they are numerous, the good news is that there are a range of potential solutions to address them. How to Innovate on Demand

The Keys to Innovation

It’s common to talk about innovation, but rare to understand the necessary steps to make it happen. We’ve spent years analyzing the key components of innovation and have come up with a highly structured approach.


Innovation is not random. Focus on a specific goal to gain momentum and move in the right direction for success.


Brainstorming is good. But challenging your assumptions with a battery of very specific investigative questions is even better.

• What could we Look at in a new way?
• What could we Use in a new way?
• What could we Move, changing its position in time or space?
• What could we Interconnect in a different way?
• What could we Alter or change about the
design or performance?
• What could we Make that is truly new?
• What could we Imagine to create a better
experience for someone?


Measurement is a vital part of quality assessment. Learn how to measure your innovation and track it over time with The Modern Engineer’s Toolkit.

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