Intel’s Oregon Investments Fuel US Silicon Innovation Leadership

Intel's Oregon Investments Fuel US Silicon Innovation Leadership

These investments, comparable to investments being made in other U.S. Intel sites and contingent on support from the U.S. CHIPS Act, would support several thousand new permanent and construction jobs and help ensure that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest remain the hub of U.S. semiconductor R&D and technology development for years to come. 

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek joined Intel executives today in Hillsboro in celebration of Intel’s major commitment and in support of the company’s unified vision for driving future innovation, technology development and manufacturing capabilities in the state.

“Intel’s significant investments in Oregon reflect a shared vision of success and innovation,” Kotek said. “As the governor of this great state, I am excited about the positive impact that Intel’s expansions and partnerships will have on Oregon’s technology landscape and the future of our workforce. This collaboration highlights our state’s commitment to fostering economic prosperity and diversity through education and innovation.” 

About Intel’s Role: Intel is the only leading-edge semiconductor manufacturer that headquarters its R&D and technology development in the U.S. Oregon plays a pivotal role in Intel’s strategy to regain process technology leadership by 2025 and fulfill the company’s IDM 2.0 strategy. Support from the state of Oregon, city of Hillsboro and Washington County has helped make this possible. Additionally, incentives from the U.S. CHIPS Act have the potential to significantly accelerate advancements at the site and help ensure the U.S. retains leading-edge semiconductor technology capabilities long into the future.

Intel remains committed to delivering five nodes within four years and regain process technology leadership by 2025. Intel is making good progress on its roadmap, recently achieving a significant milestone with the commencement of high-volume manufacturing of Intel 4 technology in Ireland.

About Intel’s Commitment to Oregon: Intel’s facilities in Hillsboro, Oregon, are at the core of the most important semiconductor innovation cluster in the United States. The company relies on strong partnerships with the city, county and state, as well as with the construction trades, educational institutions and local nonprofits. In remarking on the strength and unity of the varied ecosystem stakeholders during her visit to Oregon on April 5, 2023, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stated that she was “blown away” by the way Intel, the community and government came together to help fuel the semiconductor industry in Oregon.

Oregon is the home to Intel’s Technology Development Group. The group’s research teams are looking 10 or more years into the future to envision new process technologies. Simultaneously, Intel’s teams are driving efforts to minimize the company’s environmental footprint by identifying greener chemistries and treatment strategies. These efforts will help Intel achieve its commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its global operations by 2040.

Intel is working to further increase access to opportunity, empower the next generation of innovators and expand its industry talent pool. Investments in programs across the state, in collaboration with universities, community colleges and local school districts, underscore Intel’s commitment to STEAM education and accessible workforce pathways. 

About Intel in Oregon: Intel anchors Oregon’s economy. Hillsboro in Washington County is the heart of Intel’s research and technology development, accounting for 4% of statewide employment and helping to position the city and county as the center of Oregon’s growing technology industry with a vast network of local suppliers and contractors to support operations. Intel’s site in Oregon is the company’s largest, with more than 22,000 employees. In addition to direct employment, this site is supported by a network of local businesses. Last year alone, Intel spent more than $4 billion with more than 500 suppliers across Oregon. Intel’s total economic footprint in Oregon includes more than 105,000 indirect jobs, $10 billion in annual labor income and $19.3 billion in annual GDP1

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