L.J. Star Wins LEAP Award for Design Innovation by Design World Magazine!

lj star wins leap award for design innovation

The leading provider of process observation equipment was just presented with a LEAP award for design innovation for the MetaPlex® Polymer Sanitary Windows

L.J. Star just proved why they’re the leading manufacturer and innovator of process observation equipment.

Design World Magazine presented the LEAP Award for design innovation to the manufacturer’s MetaPlex® Polymer Sanitary Windows. Describing the product as “elegant and brilliant,” a panel of eighteen engineering experts awarded the MetaPlex® Sanitary Window by L.J. Star first place out of more than a hundred entries.

The Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Awards are a design engineering product competition that honors the most exciting new products in a host of technology areas. The program encompasses products representing three WTWH Media’s flagship brands ─ Design World, Fluid Power World and EE World Online ─ across 14 categories: Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Analog Electronics, Connectivity, Embedded Computing, Fastening & Joining, Hydraulics, Industrial Automation, Mechanical, Motion Control, Pneumatics, Power Electronics, Switches & Sensors, and Test & Measurement.

Specifically designed for applications where glass is not the desired choice, the MetaPlex sanitary windows is used in place of a glass sight window on tanks and vessels during chemical, beverage and other process applications. L.J. Star found a solution for replacing glass, which is not desired in many process applications, with a highly engineered polymer that could withstand the extremely high temperatures and pressures associated with many process industries, yet still retain the visual clarity of glass.

“We are very proud of our engineering team,” said company President David Star about the award. “We identified a need in the marketplace for a glass-free sanitary window that could hold up to the precise standards of food/beverage processing plants. We are honored by this award and excited that we can provide our customers with this breakthrough innovation.”

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About L.J. Star

L.J. Star Incorporated provides an extensive line of process observation equipment – sight glasses, lights, sanitary fittings, level gage instrumentation, as well as a wide variety of sight glass accessories. Product lines include METAGLAS® Safety Sight Windows, Lumiglas® Explosion Proof Lights and Cameras, Visual Flow Indicators, Sight Ports, Sanitary Clamps, Magnetic Level Gages and Gage Glass. METAGLAS is the
No. 1 selling fused sight glass, proven in thousands of installations around the world. It meets stringent DIN 7079 and DIN 7080 quality standards, and it is approved for USP Type I use.  For tutorials, specs and 3D CAD files, visit .

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