Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare enter strategic collaboration to advance innovation in medical imaging and theranostics

Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare enter strategic collaboration to advance innovation in medical imaging and theranostics

Combining the world-class clinical and research expertise of Mayo Clinic with the deep research, engineering, and product development expertise of GE HealthCare, this new collaboration aims to forge an integrated innovation engine to advance the practice of radiology and care to patients worldwide.

ROCHESTER, Minn. ― Today, Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare announce a strategic healthcare collaboration for research and product development programs aimed to transform the experience of patients and clinicians in the practice of radiology and the delivery of novel therapies.

The Strategic Collaboration for Innovation in Medical Imaging and Theranostics comprises Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare scientists, technology developers, clinicians and other healthcare providers. The collaboration seeks to better equip clinicians with technology to precisely diagnose and treat medical conditions and personalize the patient experience at each step of their care journey through the clinical translation of novel technologies and approaches to medical imaging and theranostics.

“We are at a critical time in healthcare – technology is rapidly evolving, and we have a responsibility to drive healthcare capabilities through clinical translation and adoption of advanced technologies,” says Matthew Callstrom, M.D., Ph.D., chair of Radiology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. “This collaboration brings our research and clinical teams’ expertise and feedback closer to product development and commercialization of innovation, ultimately accelerating the rate of translation of our research to patient care and offering greater opportunity for global impact.”

Building upon a long history of research collaborations between the two organizations, the alliance will deepen the collaborative efforts by focusing on four core areas:

  1. Rapidly accelerating the development and clinical translation of advanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) technologies and techniques, transforming patient care through artificial intelligence (AI) enabled exams from order to report.
  2. Transforming cancer care through precise imaging and dosimetry of highly targeted theranostic agents and enabling broader access through more efficient radioisotope production.
  3. Making diagnostic and interventional ultrasound easier and faster to use and read, while advancing automation and quantification to improve patient access, consistency of care and clinician experience.
  4. Improving the patient imaging experience across the care continuum by leveraging multi-modal data, AI and digital health platforms that together streamline clinical operations and support more personalized diagnosis and therapy.

“Mayo Clinic is globally acknowledged to be among the best in healthcare and care innovation. By collaborating with their scientists, inventors and healthcare providers, we will accelerate innovation and increase the clinical impact of our technologies beyond what either of our organizations could achieve independently,” says Jan Makela, president and CEO of Imaging, GE HealthCare.

The multi-focal collaboration brings together clinical research, product development, application of new clinical uses and techniques, and increased access for patients. It features close alignment between research teams and the medical departments that depend on radiological data, spanning multiple radiological disciplines, cardiology, oncology, radiation oncology, vascular, neurology, nuclear medicine and urology. Collaboration activities and research will take place at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minnesota.

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