Nisum Doubles Down on Measurable Innovation in Partnership with InnoQuant


Today, Nisum, a global business+technology consulting firm, and InnoQuant, a startup spun out of UC Berkeley that uses a research-backed AI driven assessment to create a standard measure of innovation, announced the completion of the first phase of an ongoing multi-year strategy to drive measurable organizational innovation within Nisum.

“So many organizations claim innovation, but there has never been a real industry standard of measurement for what this constitutes,” said Eldon Schoop, CEO, InnoQuant. “And it’s extremely difficult to innovate and improve upon something that cannot be measured. While most past attempts at measuring innovation have focused on factors that have no cause-effect relationship, for example, the number of patents an organization holds, we leverage research done at UC Berkeley to develop powerful scientific methods to measure the previously immeasurable; an organization’s innovation capability and the composition of individual mindsets within that organization.”

The first phase of the partnership between Nisum and InnoQuant entailed an organization-wide survey assessing Nisum employees across the seven key dimensions of an “innovation mindset” as defined by InnoQuant: Trust, Innovation Zone, Comfort Zone, Perfection, Collaboration, Diversity, and Resilience. From this, Nisum received an overall organizational score for both operational focus and innovation culture, out of a maximum score of 10. The scores across both of these dimensions correlates with an organization’s level of innovation.

“At Nisum, ‘innovation’ isn’t just a buzzword,” said Martin Lewit, General Manager of Nisum LATAM and Head of Nisum’s Innovation Strategy. “It’s an integral part of the business we are building for the future, with the goal of driving the most and best value for our clients. To be successful, we not only need to know where we are now in terms of innovation, but also where we need to go. InnoQuant is providing us with the roadmap to truly build a culture of innovation, and the standards of measurement we need to benchmark our progress. Nisum has a strong innovation mindset, and I look forward to its continued growth in our work with InnoQuant.”

Phase two of the partnership will involve Nisum’s rollout and implementation of tactics and strategies coordinated with InnoQuant to bolster both operational focus and innovation culture. A second employee survey will be conducted again in one year to measure growth and progress of innovation within the organization.

About Nisum
A preferred advisor to leading Fortune 500 brands, Nisum is a global business+technology consulting firm. We enable transformation for industry-leading brands, building strong omnichannel commerce with smart checkout solutions between B2B and B2C clients and their customers via advanced technologies. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Southern California, we grow alongside our clients by focusing on our motto Building Success Together®. Whether you’re a hot start-up, or a major global brand, our approach is the same: forge the most powerful connection possible between people, processes, and technology in order to achieve unparalleled success with fast time-to-market, scalable and cloud-based solutions. At the intersection of business and technology, Nisum’s strategy, management and technical expertise results in integrated solutions that deliver real and measurable growth.

About InnoQuant
InnoQuant is a startup spun out of UC Berkeley which uses an AI-driven assessment to measure and quantify the innovation capability of organizations. InnoQuant uses principles and technology based on the Berkeley Innovation Index, a global collaboration backed by over 10 years of research at UC Berkeley. Unique to InnoQuant is a combination of data-driven analytics with a people-centric approach to improve innovation culture in organizations. Our approach has delivered transformative results in companies of all sizes across sectors around the world.