Research on Ideological and Political Education and Teaching Innovation in Financial Accounting Course1 | Iris Publishers

The rapid development of the Internet provides an opportunity for curriculum reform in colleges and universities. The Guiding Outline of the
Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Ideological and political Planning puts forward the emphasis on optimizing the supply of curriculum ideological
and political content, which further strengthens the value concept of moral education in colleges and universities. Taking the accounting major of
Jiaxing University as an example, this paper introduces the background and objectives of the teaching reform and innovation of Advanced Financial
Accounting course. Guided by the core idea of “guided by the Red boat and cultivating people by virtue”, and combined with the characteristics of the
course, this paper proposes the goal of “three-dimensional six types” of ideological and political education course, which is organically integrated with
the course. At the same time, the course runs through the concept of “educating people in the whole process”. In-depth development of the Internet +
“four in one” teaching system, for the teaching organization and curriculum ideological and political assessment mode of the comprehensive reform,
has achieved certain reform results and innovative results.