SPRAWL Offers A Dynamic Retro-FPS Fusion Of Nostalgia & Innovation

SPRAWL Offers A Dynamic Retro-FPS Fusion Of Nostalgia & Innovation

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed)
Genre: Cyberpunk Boomer Shooter

Step into the neon-drenched abyss of SPRAWL, a relentless retro FPS that plunges you headfirst into a cyberpunk dystopia unlike any other. In a world where cybernetic marvels once promised a utopian future, only the echoes of that promise remain—now drowned in a sea of darkness and corruption.

Developed by MAETH in collaboration with Carlos Lizarraga and Hannah Crawford, SPRAWL presents a unique blend of immersive storytelling and pulse-pounding action. As you take on the role of SEVEN, a fallen super soldier, the shattered remnants of this sprawling metropolis become your battleground. Haunted by the ghosts of a betrayed past and driven by an enigmatic voice inside her head, SEVEN must navigate the treacherous labyrinth of government enforcers determined to snuff out her defiance. The Junta, an iron-fisted military regime, tightens its grip over the city’s ruins, but SEVEN’s mission to expose their tyranny burns brighter than ever.

From the sunless depths of alleyways to the towering heights of decaying skyscrapers, the cityscape of SPRAWL is yours to conquer. Every crumbling surface becomes a playground as SEVEN’s “Icarus” cybernetic enhancements enable gravity-flouting wall runs and bursts of time-bending adrenaline. And as the dust settles from each frenetic encounter, a symphony of dismembered foes fuels your journey forward.

But don’t be misled—this isn’t a simple power fantasy. SPRAWL is a gritty challenge that pushes both your reflexes and your strategic prowess to their limits. The ruthless government deploys a myriad of lethal adversaries, each demanding a unique approach. Are you prepared to wield an arsenal as diverse and meticulously designed as the foes it’s meant to vanquish?

The megalopolis throbs with a heartbeat of its own—a relentless pulse that warns of the city’s voracious hunger. Will you succumb to its depths, or will you seize control and fight your way to the surface? The question lingers in the air, just as the ominous shadows of the SPIRE cast their secrets upon your path.

SPRAWL is a symphony of chaos, a ballet of bullets, and a journey that demands your resilience. The neon-lit abyss awaits, daring you to carve your destiny in its unforgiving sprawl. Will you answer the call?

A Dance of Speed & Strategy

SPRAWL stands as a remarkable testament to the fusion of fast-paced intensity and strategic finesse in the retro-FPS landscape. Its intricate gameplay mechanics draw players into a symphony of rapid movements and calculated decision-making. The introduction of the bullet time feature, intertwined with the challenge of limited ammunition, prompts players to weigh their targets and actions meticulously, infusing every engagement with a heightened sense of urgency and exhilaration. Within the armoury, the journey from the akimbo “Mateb Deck-Steir Series D” pistols to the formidable “Seburo-Sendia C390” submachine guns echoes the evolution of combat tools. However, it’s the visceral impact of the shotgun, a weapon that resonates with raw, hard-hitting force, that remains etched in players’ memories.

Delving deeper into the gameplay, the wall-running mechanic adds a dimension of complexity. The marriage of verticality and momentum propels the experience beyond convention, offering a dynamic exploration of movement possibilities. Striking a delicate balance, the game leverages wall running’s advantages while imposing the constraints of gravity. The resulting challenge forces players to discern opportunities for traversal and capitalize on environmental nuances, all while amplifying the quintessential retro-FPS energy that recalls the legendary Quake series.

A Portal to the Past

SPRAWL masterfully encapsulates the essence of its retro inspirations through visual and artistry choices. The calculated use of polygons, reminiscent of PlayStation 2-era graphics, not only elicits nostalgia but crafts a tangible link to gaming’s formative years. Stepping into the post-apocalyptic-futuristic dystopia, the pervasive black and red palette creates a grim, shadow-laden atmosphere that seamlessly intertwines with the game’s narrative tone.


Navigating the auditory realm, SPRAWL unleashes a symphony of sounds that resonate with both precision and impact. The explosive gunfire during bullet time reverberates with a weight that transcends the screen. In contrast, the music composition evokes a blend of retro ambience and contemporary vibrancy, encapsulating the ethos of the game’s world. Although an abrupt surge in volume greets players at the game’s onset, it’s a testament to the game’s immersive potential that such a small quirk can’t tarnish the overall audio experience.

Intricate Level Design

SPRAWL excels in level design, presenting players with a gamut of intricate layouts that seamlessly balance challenge and gratification. The absence of hand-holding empowers players to dissect their surroundings, lending an air of exploration and self-discovery to the proceedings.

Wall running unveils new dimensions to manoeuvring through these intricate layouts, elevating navigation into an art form. In this dance of agility and environmental analysis, FATHER’s guiding voice emerges as a valuable ally, steering players without compromising the immersive experience.

Storyline & Atmosphere

As for narrative elements, SPRAWL adheres to the familiar blueprint of a post-apocalyptic AI uprising. However, this predictability doesn’t dull the story’s edge, as it intertwines seamlessly with the retro backdrop, creating an immersive synergy between the world-building and gameplay mechanics. The game’s nuanced balance between invoking nostalgia and carving out a distinct identity elevates it beyond mere homage, delivering an experience that feels simultaneously familiar and fresh.

Lone Pursuits

While multiplayer modes are notably absent, this serves as a tribute to the retro authenticity that SPRAWL embraces. It hearkens back to a bygone era when online compatibility was an unexplored frontier. However, its single-player realm brims with replayability, stemming from the tantalizing QR code mechanic. These scattered fragments of lore reward intrepid exploration, injecting layers of depth into the game’s narrative tapestry.

Seamless Immersion

Optimization proves to be SPRAWL’s strong suit, catering to a wide array of hardware configurations. As a retro gem, it demonstrates that cutting-edge graphics aren’t prerequisites for immersive gameplay. The absence of performance hiccups further solidifies its accessibility across different devices, providing a polished experience that does justice to its nostalgic ambitions.

Nostalgia Resurrected

In culmination, SPRAWL emerges as an imperative play for ardent followers of classic FPS gems like Quake. Its meticulous tribute breathes new life into the retro-FPS genre, ushering it into contemporary gaming landscapes.

While its appeal might be somewhat niche in today’s era of elaborate storytelling, the allure of nostalgia remains its unassailable strength. A time capsule to the past, SPRAWL revives the raw, unbridled thrill of early FPS marvels, delivering an experience that stands as both a homage and a creative reimagining.


  • Engaging Gameplay and fun Bullet Time Mechanics.
  • Weapon Variety.
  • Unique Wall Running.
  • Nostalgic Graphics.
  • Atmospheric Design.
  • Immersive Audio.
  • Challenging Level Design.
  • Innovative QR Code Mechanic.
  • Optimization.


  • Aiming Challenges.
  • Volume Imbalance.
  • Predictable Storyline.
  • Niche Appeal.
  • Lack of Multiplayer.
  • Modern Audience Adaptation.

Final Score: 70/100

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