Sustainable Innovation – Verve Magazine

Sustainable Innovation - Verve Magazine

What design trends do you foresee taking the lead in decking and screening, and how does Biform align with these trends?

We see a continuing trend towards the use of sustainable materials in design and building and the use of new design and manufacturing technology to improve product performance.

Sustainability doesn’t start and end with the choice of materials. We need to understand the full life cycle of products we use and their long-term impact on the environment.

How does Biform cater to various types of outdoor spaces, from domestic to more commercial applications? 

Our three decking profiles and colour range feature contemporary pale greys similar to silvered hardwoods through to warm brown tones emulating stained or oiled timber. These blend easily into any setting and our three different profiles fit easily into domestic and commercial settings.

Could you share some customer-favourite collections from Biform and the stories behind their creation?

Our first commercial project was at the Aitutaki Escape, and it turned out to be a fantastic site. A stone walled garden featured palm fronds hanging over it with the pool surrounded by lush plantings. It turned out to be the ultimate proof of how our decking can blend effortlessly into a natural environment. It was installed by a small team from Nelson. The logistics and the heat were challenging, but the little extension to their work week when the job was done was worth it. This was installed in 2009 and is still going strong.

In the best way possible, we’re comfortable that our photos speak for themselves. Our design focus has always very much been about blending in with whatever exterior and interior context all of our decking and flooring products are installed in. We are particularly proud of our colour selection in allowing us to achieve this.

What role does New Zealand’s natural beauty play in influencing Biform’s designs?

Living in New Zealand, it’s hard not to form strong bonds with the land and the seas surrounding us. One of our proudest achievements was to have our product selected for the walkways for the Kauri Dieback programme for Auckland Regional Council. There can be no greater endorsement than being entrusted to provide the pathways to the spiritual guardians that are our treasured ancient kauri.