The 2nd GCCA Innovation Open Challenge wants to reach net zero concrete: Register Now! (Sponsored) | EU-Startups

The 2nd GCCA Innovation Open Challenge is on a mission to make the global cement and concrete industry more planet-friendly. Startups with solutions that are focused on helping the global cement and concrete industry cut CO2 emissions are invited to get involved.

Concrete is the world’s most used material after water. It’s essential for our infrastructure and the built environment and is a critical part of how societies, cities and populations have developed right around the world.

However, while it is intrinsic to modern life, the concrete and cement industry has a significant environmental challenge – its CO2 profile accounts for around 7% of all global emissions. 

Things are changing though and on a global level, the Global Cement and Concrete Association and its members around the world are driving environmental change, through the implementation of a Concrete Future 2050 Net Zero Roadmap – the first heavy industry to set out such a detailed commitment to a carbon neutral future.

A key part of the plan to reach net zero is through partnering with innovative startups, investors, accelerators and academic institutions, to develop products and bring ideas to market.

That’s why GCCA has developed the Innovandi Open Challenge Global Programme. 

The programme brings together startups and the world’s leading cement and concrete companies, to help accelerate the next wave of innovations to achieve its net zero mission. Participating startups will gain unique access to industrial plants, labs, key networks and the expertise and infrastructure of the GCCA’s 40 members from around the world.

The first ever Innovandi Open Challenge launched in 2020/21, focused on carbon capture and utilisation, and has already seen three of the six chosen startups going to the pilot stage. This year, the focus is on paving the way to net zero concrete, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for innovative thinkers to get support to scale.

More details of the 2nd Innovandi Open Challenge will be unveiled at our online launch on 14th March, 12.30-13.15 GMT. Register Now!