The Dark Side Of Innovation: 11 Things Most People Wish Were Never Invented

The Dark Side Of Innovation: 11 Things Most People Wish Were Never Invented

Many inventions have truly changed the world forever. The printing press and automobile are two perfect examples. However, not all creations have brought joy or good to the world. In fact, some have left a horrible mark on the world, changing it for the worse.

Here are 11 things many people wish were never invented.


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Slavery is a blight on our society. The United Nations states that 15 million people died in the TransAtlantic slave trade over the course of four centuries.

Unfortunately, slavery has existed for millennia in numerous parts of the world. Worse yet, it’s not uncommon to see descendants of enslaved individuals continue to face prejudice and discrimination years after the sin was over.

Death Tax

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Estate Tax or Death Tax, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. Few people like it. Thankfully, only 13 states and Washington D.C. still levy a death tax.

It makes sense to want to tax those who receive massive fortunes upon the passing of a family member. Unfortunately, it wildly overlooks first generations of wealth and hinders those trying to create a legacy for their families.

Atomic Bomb

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If you saw Oppenheimer this summer, you saw much of what went into our atomic bomb program. Sadly, it may not have even been necessary since Germany was well on their way out.

Estimates put the total deaths at roughly 140,000 individuals.

Social Media

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Social media is great for making connections, but it also has its significant drawbacks. It’s addicting, and it causes self-image issues for many users.

That’s also not to mention creating the fear of missing out and the preponderance of scams.

Smart Phones

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Tied closely with social media, smartphones are things many people wish never came to be. There’s a growing list of health problems caused by smartphone usage, not to mention sleep problems, distracted driving, and more.

Reports show one-quarter of car accidents happen as a result of phone usage. Driving or not, put the phone down.

The Electoral College

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The Founding Fathers weren’t perfect, and many people point to the Electoral College as one piece of evidence. Meant as a compromise for them, it makes many people feel their vote doesn’t count and gives swing states too much power.

One only needs to look at recent elections to see why the popular vote needs a serious look.


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Speak to some people, and they’ll espouse the wonders of fracking. Unfortunately, it can cause more harm than good.

The list of cons of fracking is long, from pollution to overuse of water to seismic risk. There has to be a better way.

Human Trafficking

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Few people are immune to human trafficking. More than four million people worldwide are forced into human trafficking annually.

It spans genders and ages for who is a victim. California, Florida, and Texas top the list for most reported cases. We even see a lot of them in Nebraska, where I live.


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Attacks on free speech are on the rise. Some experts believe it’s as bad as it was in the 1950s under Joe McCarthy.

Sadly, it comes from both sides of the political aisle. It’s something we need to see go extinct and allow for free speech.

Money Being Speech

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Citizens United vs. FEC resulted in a lot of things, but one key result was the idea that money equals speech. It further gave protections to wealthy donors.

Politics has largely always come down to who has the most power. Citizens United only made it worse.


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Like slavery, colonialism has been around for millennia. And, it’s equally not for good.

One only needs to look at Great Britain and the influence it held through colonialism. It still goes on today, and often to the oppression of developing nations.

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