VU’s 7th Graduation: Pioneering Innovation and Empowering Graduates for a Digital World

VU’s 7th Graduation: Pioneering Innovation and Empowering Graduates for a Digital World

Victoria University has today held its 7th graduation ceremony amidst a sea of mortarboards and applause.

The ceremony that displayed a resplendent academic achievement, was held at Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala.

Victoria University’s esteemed Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lawrence Muganga, took center stage, igniting a fervor of inspiration as he emphasized the vital role of technology in modern education.

Addressing the throngs of graduates and distinguished guests, which included luminaries such as Rt Hon Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa and Zambian Pan-Africanist Joshua Marara Maponga, Prof. Muganga heralded Victoria University as a beacon of innovation.

He extolled the graduates as not only tech-savvy but as emissaries fully equipped with the digital prowess demanded by the contemporary job market.

”I want to tell the public, parents, and distinguished guests that in the digital age of today, where technology is here to stay and has become an integral part of our lives, these Victoria University graduands are not just tech-savvy. Am glad to tell you that the graduates here today are empowered with all the tech-savviness you can look for in a graduate. The digital world is something we, as a university, have chosen to embrace,” noted Muganga.

“At Victoria University, we have forged a unique path. Our students do not merely depart with credentials; they emerge fortified with the practical acumen necessary to thrive in today’s cutthroat job market,” proclaimed Muganga, his words resonating through the open-air venue.

He went on to liken the graduates to a meticulously prepared feast, ready to satiate the hunger for skilled professionals in Uganda and beyond.

”Our graduands, if likened to merchandise, are fully prepared for delivery both within and outside the country. They are poised to confront both the familiar and the unfamiliar challenges ahead. If we were to compare them to food, they are ready to be consumed,” Muganga assured the employers.

The Vice Chancellor’s words were a testament to the University’s commitment to shaping students into not just academicians, but dynamic problem solvers armed with indispensable digital skills.

Muganga’s legacy, celebrated globally, echoed in his impassioned address. He expounded on the education imparted at Victoria University, likening it to a passport that empowers graduates to navigate the future, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

The keynote speaker, Bishop Joshua Marara Maponga, resounded Muganga’s sentiment, urging the graduates to channel their newfound knowledge into creating a brighter future for Africa. He cautioned against the pitfalls of early marriages and pregnancies, emphasizing that education should serve as a catalyst for societal progress.

In a powerful speech delivered on behalf of Chief Guest Hon Minister of Education and Sports, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, called for a paradigm shift in Ugandan education. He questioned the reliance on traditional textbooks in an age where digital resources abound and implored universities to embrace innovation and digitization.

The ceremony also played host to a constellation of influential figures, including H.E. Manssour Bin Mussallam, Secretary-General of the Organization of Southern Cooperation, and Dr. Maggie Kigozi, a distinguished business consultant and entrepreneur, among others. Their presence underscored the profound impact and global recognition that Victoria University commands.

As the sun set on the ceremony, it was clear that Victoria University’s 7th graduation was more than a milestone; it was a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering a new generation of digital pioneers, ready to shape the world with innovation and knowledge.

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