Collaboration Is The Key To Innovation

TodayBIZCATALYST 360° (BC360°) and BlockSpaces (BS) announced a creative partnership that will allow both organizations to bring enhanced visibility to lightening-speed developments and innovation within the world’s most exciting and fast-moving industry – comprised of blockchain technology educators, innovators, and startups. Blockchain is automation and collaboration on steroids, with market growth predictions headed into trillion-dollar territory. The technology is the backbone of the exploding cryptocurrency market, with such growth creating a widening “knowledge gap” across the business and consumer population. Working together, BC360° and BlockSpaces will cut through all the clutter and misinformation out there to ensure widespread education via dissemination of the basics and the opportunities.

BC360° Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Dennis J. Pitocco notes;

“This unique partnership brings together two “like-minded” organizations, each with a fundamental ethos founded upon the premise that “collaboration is the key to innovation and education”. Together embrace, understand and believe in the power of sharing safe, reliable information for the intended benefit of building a fact-based industry foundation from which all participants can truly flourish. We are proud to be associated with such an innovative team of professionals and look forward to a prosperous future together.”

BlockSpaces Co-Founders, Rosa Shores, and Gabe Higgins noted;

“BlockSpaces is built from the ground up to serve the community and its members, so we share many common goals with BC360°. We actively cultivate an environment of community support, where members help, inspire, and educate each other. We are here to educate both our members and the community with credible outreach about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In an ecosystem growing this quickly, it’s important for people to connect with a source of information, education, and networking they can trust.”

About BlockSpaces

Blockspaces is a dynamic work/learning collaborative community and development center in Tampa, Florida that is a growth ecosystem for innovative companies, startups, and talented individuals in the blockchain technology arena. With a wide range of educational course and service offerings, BlockSpaces is dedicated to building community through outreach and partnerships.


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