DS 87-8 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 17) Vol 8: Human Behaviour in Design, Vancouver, Canada, 21-25.08.2017 (The Design Society)

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DS 87-8 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 17) Vol 8: Human Behaviour in Design, Vancouver, Canada, 21-25.08.2017

Year: 2017

Editor: Anja Maier, Stanko Škec, Harrison Kim, Michael Kokkolaras, Josef Oehmen, Georges Fadel, Filippo Salustri, Mike Van der Loos

Series: ICED

ISBN: 978-1-904670-96-4

ISSN: 2220-4342

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Table of Contents

Evaluating the influences of heterogeneous combinations of internal/external factors on product design
Filippi, Stefano; Barattin, Daniela (001-010)
Studying design fixation with a computer-based task
Neroni, Maria Adriana; Vasconcelos, Luis Arthur; Crilly, Nathan (011-020)
Modal shifts in concentration indicate creativity
Nguyen, Philon; Zeng, Yong (021-030)
Similarities and differences between humorous and surprising products
Borgianni, Yuri (1); Hatcher, Gillian (2) (031-040)
User involvement in pharmaceutical packaging design – A case study
Lorenzini, Giana Carli (1); Olsson, Annika (1); Larsson, Andreas (2) (041-050)
Human-centred design blending smart technology with emotional responses: Case study on interactive clothing for couples
Weizhen, Wang (1,2); Nagai, Yukari (1); Yuan, Fang (1,2) (051-058)
Target based analysis – A model to analyse usability tests based on mobile eye tracking recordings
Mussgnug, Moritz (1); Sadowska, Aleksandra (2); Moryson, Ralf (3); Meboldt, Mirko (1) (059-068)
Multisensory product development
Fels, Antonia; Falk, Björn; Schmitt, Robert (069-078)
Necessary extension of conventional idea processes by means of a method for the identification of radical product ideas
Herrmann, Thorsten; Binz, Hansgeorg; Roth, Daniel (079-088)
Blow Bits: Creative playgrounds, gamification and virtuosity with hybrid design tools and environments (HDTE)
Wendrich, Robert (089-098)
Design variation through richness of rules embedded in LEGO bricks
Mathias, David; Boa, Duncan; Hicks, Ben; Snider, Chris; Bennett, Peter; Taylor, Colin (099-108)
The emotive qualities of patterns: Insights for design
Urquhart, Lewis William Robert; Wodehouse, Andrew (109-118)
Tool for creating a defined task as preparation for a target-oriented idea generation process
Herrmann, Thorsten; Binz, Hansgeorg; Roth, Daniel (119-128)
Taking into account life situation during a co-creativity session: An exploratory study
Lobbé, Justine; Bazzaro, Florence; Charrier, Marjorie; Sagot, Jean-Claude (129-138)
Fostering ideation in the very early design phases: How textual, pictorial and combined stimuli affect creativity
Borgianni, Yuri (1); Rotini, Federico (2); Tomassini, Marco (2) (139-148)
Using embedded design structures to unravel a complex decision in a product development system
McKay, Alison (1); Sammonds, George (2); Ahmed-Kristensen, Saeema (2,3); Irnazarow, Aleksandra (1); Robinson, Mark (1) (149-158)
Kansei modeling methodology for multisensory UX design
Yanagisawa, Hideyoshi (1); Miyazaki, Chihiro (1); Bouchard, Carole (2) (159-168)
Elements to the development of a creativity technique
Medeiros Leopoldino, Kleidson; Aguirre González, Mario; de Oliveira Ferreira, Paula; de Melo, David; de Vasconcelos, Rafael (169-178)
Design fixation to examples: A study on the time decay of fixation
Viswanathan, Vimal Kumar (179-188)
Building a computational laboratory for the study of team behaviour in product development
Perišić, Marija Majda (1); Štorga, Mario (1); Gero, John (2,3) (189-198)
Proposal for a new usability index for product design teams and the general public
Brandy, Anthony (1,2); Mantelet, Fabrice (2); Aoussat, Améziane (2); Pigot, Pierre-Vincent (1) (199-208)
Calculation of design cognitive features based on complex linkography-network
Xu, Jiang (1); Chuai, Ying (1); Wang, Xiuyue (2); Sun, Gang (1) (209-218)
Types of people in communal development projects in construction sector: Are they effective together?
Latvala, Marika; Singh, Vishal (219-228)
Exploring the decomposition of team design activity
Martinec, Tomislav; Škec, Stanko; Štorga, Mario (229-238)
A hand gesture-based interface for design review using leap motion controller
Xiao, Yu; Peng, Qingjin (239-248)
The idea mapping board: A tool for assessing design concepts and visualizing a team’s use of the design space
Helm, Kevin (1); Henderson, Daniel (1); Jablokow, Kathryn (1); Daly, Shanna (2); Yilmaz, Seda (3); Silk, Eli (4); Sevier, Daniel (3) (249-258)
Three driven approaches to combinational creativity
Han, Ji; Park, Dongmyung; Shi, Feng; Chen, Liuqing; Childs, Peter R. N. (259-268)
Designing with LEGO: Exploring the influence of low fidelity visualisation on collaborative design activities
Ranscombe, Charlie (1); Bissett-Johnson, Katherine (1); Boa, Duncan (2); Hicks, Ben (2) (269-278)
An exploration of design synthesis
McTeague, Chris; Duffy, Alex; Campbell, Gerard; Grealy, Madeleine; Hay, Laura; Pidgeon, Laura; Vuletic, Tijana (279-288)
Which are the limitations of ICT tools for collaborative design with suppliers?
Talas, Yassine (1); Gzara, Lilia (1); Le Dain, Marie-Anne (1); Merminod, Valéry (1); Frank, Alejandro Germán (2) (289-298)
Investigating the relationship between customer emotions and sportsbike aesthetics
Mamo, James; Farrugia, Philip; Sant, Tonio (299-307)
Investigating effects of stimuli on ideation outcomes
Venkataraman, Srinivasan; Song, Binyang; Luo, Jianxi; Subburaj, Karupppasamy; Elara, Mohan Rajesh; Blessing, Lucienne; Wood, Kristin (309-318)
The best of three worlds – The creation of InnoDev a software development approach that integrates Design Thinking, Scrum and Lean Startup
Dobrigkeit, Franziska (1); de Paula, Danielly (2) (319-328)
Defining the requirement for a direct vision standard for trucks using a DHM based blind spot analysis
Summerskill, Stephen; Marshall, Russell (329-338)
A study on the impact of HOVER platforms on design teams collaborative behaviors during collocated collective early preliminary design activities
Guerra, Andrea Luigi (1,2); Gidel, Thierry (1); Vezzetti, Enrico (2) (339-348)
Interrelations between processes, methods, and tools in collaborative design – A framework
Bavendiek, Ann-Kathrin; Inkermann, David; Vietor, Thomas (349-358)
Design of a smart alarm clock to foster sustainable urban mobility
Monici, Dario; Graziosi, Serena; Ferrise, Francesco; Bordegoni, Monica (359-368)
Exploring human behaviour in design education: Supporting sustainable decision-making with a tabletop activity
Willis, Amanda; Wise, Alyssa; Antle, Alissa (369-378)
An objective methodology for blind spot analysis of HGVs using a DHM approach
Marshall, Russell; Summerskill, Stephen (379-388)
Creativity as a way to innovate successfully
Guenther, Agnes (1); Eisenbart, Boris (1); Dong, Andy (2) (389-398)
Show me the pictures: The effect of representational modalities on abductive reasoning in decision making
Arntz, Sarah; Verbaan, Ruben; Eisenbart, Boris; Cardoso, Carlos (399-408)
Business game and its relationship with creativity: a systematic literature review
Rosa, Marcela; González, Mario; Araújo, Ana Cláudia Costa de; Santiago, George (409-418)
Designer’s identity: Development of personal attributes and design skills over education
Kunrath, Kamila; Cash, Philip; Li-Ying, Jason (419-428)
Material perception and material identification in product design
Dacleu Ndengue, Jessica; Juganaru-Mathieu, Mihaela; Faucheu, Jenny (429-437)
Experiential qualities of science museum exhibits: a thematic analysis
Ocampo-Agudelo, Jose (1,2); Maya, Jorge (1) (439-448)
Can visual facilitation beat verbal facilitation?
Boedhoe, Roché (1); Badke-Schaub, Petra (2) (449-457)
Co-creation with diverse actors for sustainability innovation
Sopjani, Liridona (1); Hesselgren, Mia (2); Ritzén, Sofia (1); Janhager Stier, Jenny (1) (459-468)
Underlying design motivations in design methods and outcomes
Turner, Cameron; Agyemang, Malena (469-478)
Characterisation of a co-creative design session through the analysis of multi-modal interactions
Becattini, Niccolo (1); Masclet, Cedric (2); Ben-Guefrache, Fatma (2); Prudhomme, Guy (2); Cascini, Gaetano (1); Dekoninck, Elies (3) (479-488)
Fostering collaborative project emergence through divergence of opinion
Ambrosino, Julien (1,2,3); Masson, Dimitri (2); Abi Akle, Audrey (2); Legardeur, Jérémy (2,3) (489-498)
On the products and experiences that make us happy
Yang, Xi; Aurisicchio, Marco; Mackrill, James; Baxter, Weston (499-508)
Positive and negative contamination in user interactions
Baxter, Weston (1); Aurisicchio, Marco (1); Mugge, Ruth (2); Childs, Peter R. N. (1) (509-518)
The attentional capture of colour in visual interface design: a controlled-environment study
Andersen, Emil; Maier, Anja (519-528)
Using crowdsourcing to provide analogies for designer ideation in a cognitive study
Goucher-Lambert, Kosa; Cagan, Jonathan (529-538)
Heterogeneous engineering: Essential bridge implementing creative design
Smulders, Frido (539-548)
The practical side of engineering design
Winkelman, Paul Martin (549-558)
Prototypical product shapes as a tool for aesthetic product design
Maya, Jorge; Betancur-Rodríguez, Daniel (559-568)
Design finds a way: Creative strategies to cope with barriers to creativity
Gonçalves, Milene (569-578)
Proposing a new product creativity assessment tool and a novel methodology to investigate the effects of different types of product functionality on the underlying structure of factor analysis
Hazeri, Kamyar (1); Childs, Peter R. N. (1); Cropley, David (2) (579-588)
Learning by migrating: A computational study of diversity and team-level decision-making
Thomas, Russell (1); Gero, John (1,2) (589-598)
Identifying opportunities for the implementation of UX design in industrial goods development
Wölfel, Christian (1); Gärtner, Frank (2); Krzywinski, Jens (1); Siwek, Sandra (1) (599-606)
Literature based review of a collaborative design taxonomy
Righter, James; Chickarello, Doug; Stidham, Hallie; O’Shields, Steven; Patel, Apurva; Summers, Joshua (607-616)
Patches in sketches: Which type of sketch is more valuable for the end-user in the early phase of new product development
Klapwijk, Anna Jeannette; Kostoulas, Nemo; Badke-Schaub, Petra (617-626)

ICED17 The 21st International Conference on Engineering Design, 21-25th August 2017

The 21st International Conference on Engineering Design ICED17 to be held August 21-25, 2017, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Theme: Resource-Sensitive Design Paper submission deadline: December 19, 2016 For full details go to: http://iced17.org. The forthcoming International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED17, will continue to be a great forum where the design community comes together to share insights, discover new ideas, create new design ventures, and form friendships….

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