How science fiction can trigger innovation in education

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The topic of science fiction has always been appealing to people who are interested in science. And usually, such people have an interest in education too. Yet, the question of how science fiction can help education is highly difficult to answer. Sure, you might get some ideas, but normally, they would be as much of the fiction as the texts themselves. It is pretty important to try to analyze the topic and come to an explanation that would be at least close to what you can call a good response.

Science fiction is something that brings us a lot of thoughts and ideas to consider — this is a type of literature that you would read for the whole day. Not because it is long, but because you want to analyze every single piece of information that you were given. That seems like an easy thing to do, but when it comes to reading, you would feel how difficult it can be to do all of that. Also, the fact that you would read it in one day is pretty awesome. Books like this will keep you engaged even if they are a thousand pages long — and the reason for that is that you will want to find out about as much new stuff as you can. Growing potatoes on Mars? Wow, that is cool. Using tablets instead of books? Great idea to make it true… Oh, wait, that is already a reality! Yes, a huge amount of crazy ideas from old science fiction books has become true in the last decade. Science fiction books have an ability to trigger creative people to try and recreate the fiction from the books in reality. Surely, just a small part of these ideas are embodied. Still, that is definitely enough to say that science fiction books can make changes in the process of learning. And, yes, there are many positive things that science fiction books have brought us, so we are going to look only at the best of them.

You might not believe this, but science fiction books had given us the Internet itself, but the technology has gotten way further than just sharing some info. The new ideas were generated thanks to the books and some other fictional stories. Something like Pro-Papers custom essay writing service could only be dreamed about just a few decades ago. But now that is a reality that allows the students to do their homework way better than before, while still getting the highest grades for the best quality texts that you can find on the Web!

And we are going to talk about the tablets once again. Many fiction authors liked to talk about something that would have a touchscreen and that would be possible to use at schools or colleges. Guess what — the future is now. Most of the American schools are using tablets and Chromebooks instead of having a stack of books on a table of every student. And that has proven to be a great alternative. Clearly, we can still say that the current situation is better than it was just a little time ago when we used huge textbooks that didn’t even fit into backpacks. However, what we can say is this is just a fresh idea that has been fulfilled recently. Therefore, there should be some softer opinions on this topic, without heavy criticism. Moreover, the technologies are going further and further even while we are talking now, and that means only one thing: in just about a decade or so the technology like this will fly all over the world, but at the same, it will develop more and will function better with tablets becoming smarter than ever before.

The other great thing that could be used in the near future is the replacement of real teachers with robots that would try to give all the lectures to the students, but at the same time with the cost of this concept, it will be hard to carry out at the current time. Yet what we can say surely is that this idea has come from the science fiction books, and after some of the science fiction inventions were released we can say that the field of education has gone further because of the sci-fi books. This is also due to the fact that many of those working with or as the teachers are reading literature like that. And that definitely is making the educational process better. Yet not all the ideas are becoming true. Way over 90% of the concepts in the books are going to stay there only as a fantasy, and that would most likely be the truth. After the ideas are denied they are thrown away for a long time, until they are ready to be realized by some crazy scientist that thinks that he can do a prototype of it. And that is how the stories begin here, and how the great ideas start traveling from science fiction to the reality. Moreover, science is giving us many more ideas and plans to become truth, but in most cases, it just inspires others to do develop new concepts and invent new things.

In the end, we have to say that with the amount of work spent into science fiction most of the things that were shown and presented have a great chance of getting popular. Also, we have to admit, that even though the Sci-Fi’s are giving us a ton of ideas, we are still looking for the new ones every day, at the same time trying to doubt and deny thoughts and concepts that became outdated.