Human Behaviour: A Fascinating Look at Emotions, Superstitions and Body Language, by Craig Baxter

Why You Should Read This Book!If you have ever been interested in the fascinating and revealing world of emotions, superstitions or body language, then this book is for you. Craig James Baxter (author of two previous Amazon best-selling books on body language) has developed this useful, practical guide which will help you develop and improve your knowledge of human behaviour across three key topics:Emotions – Learn what an emotion is and how to detect them, how they work and how they can vary. Also, discover how emotions can be manipulated and why. Reveal more about the dark side of the emotion of happiness and learn how the emotion of fear helps the body react instantaneously to perceived threats.Superstitions – Learn more about how human behaviour can be heavily influenced by the power of the unknown, and uncover the often unexpected sources of some common superstitious sayings. Reveal the surprising role that both old and modern day superstitious beliefs play in everyday life and how these can affect people’s emotions. Discover how superstitions have infiltrated many areas of life, from the world of sport to restaurant dining, and how amulets, charms and stones are believed to have certain abilities to either attract good fortune or repel evil spirits or misfortune. Body language – Learn how you can adapt your own body language to portray confidence to bring about success in your personal and work life. Reveal how to potentially spot a liar and also uncover the surprising origins of some body language gestures. Discover how timing and synchronisation are crucial elements when analysing if a person’s actions match their words, and learn how five key terms can improve your understanding of the basics of successful body language reading.

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